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About Us


We are the oldest
college paper in the SEC.


The Reflector, student newspaper of Mississippi State University, was founded in 1884.


It began as The Dialectic Reflector and the name was changed to The Reflector in 1922. 


The Reflector is dedicated to serving the student body of Mississippi State University and the Starkville area as a reliable and honest news source.

We are an equal opportunity employer and we are committed to seeking justice and truth in the community.

The Reflector strives to inform the public about current events and issues in the community with integrity and without bias.


Opinions expressed in The Reflector are the opinions of our readers and staff writers.

They do not reflect the opinions of The Reflector.

Opinions expressed in Editorials are the opinions of the Editorial Board.


Feel free to view our Wikipedia page.


Editor-in-Chief - Joshua Britt -



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