Mississippi State University football (3-2, 1-2 SEC) is coming off a two-game losing streak going into their bye week. Head coach Dan Mullen addressed the media at his usual weekly press conference.

Mullen started off by expressing his excitement that MSU’s bye week lines up and is the same week as fall break for MSU students this year, saying it was the first time in nine years. He said he would give the whole team Thursday, Friday and Saturday off.

“I don’t know we matched up our schedule with the schools, or the school matched up their schedules with us,” Mullen said. “The biggest thing right now is quality of life for the student athlete.”

He gave no updates on injuries, saying he was going to give the hurt players the week off to rest and readdress the situation next Monday. The injured players are left tackle Martanis Rankin, Traver Jung, Gabe Myles and Malik Dear.

He said they will focus on cleaning up technique and then move into more base defense and offense stuff over the bye week.

Mullen also said they will give more reps to backups so they could get more players ready in case their names had to be called. He said Greg Eiland will get a lot of reps in case Martanis Rankin can not play and Eiland has to again. 

He said coaching-wise, he will start preparing for BYU next week, but will not do anything in practice. 

MSU will play BYU at 11 a.m. on Oct. 7 at home.

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