Stewart Reese

Q) When you play Madden, who is your go-to team?

A. Me personally, I’m a (Atlanta) Falcons fan. So, I pretty much just stick with the Falcons.  

Q) What is your favorite movie ever?

A. "Terminator: Salvation."

Q) What is your favorite pizza topping?

A. Sausage.

Q) Thick or thin crust?

A. Thick.

Q) Suppose you are at a family reunion. What food are you most looking forward to eating?

A. Mac and Cheese.

Q) What is the most must-see place in your hometown?

A. The beach. I’m from South Florida, so I gotta say the beach.  

Q) Who is the best singer on the football team? 

A. Probably me. I’m sure everybody would say me.  

Q) Who is the best dancer on the football team? 

A. Tommy Champion.

Q) The football team is having a 2v2 basketball tournament. Who is your first draft pick?

A. Tyre Phillips.

Q) Lebron or MJ?

A. Lebron is a better all around player, but I’m gonna have to go with MJ.  I’m kind of an old school guy.

Q) If you did not play football, what sport would you play?

A. Baseball.

Q) Who was your hero in elementary school?

A. My dad.  

Q) Who has had the greatest impact on your life?

A. I’d say my immediate family: my mom, my dad, some of my aunts and uncles.

Q)  Goal line package.  Coach wants one of the offensive linemen to go out for a route.  Why should it be you?

A. Cause I got hands for days.

Q) What do you see yourself doing when you are 50?

A. I’ll probably be a doctor.

Q) Who on this team is going to have their own tv show when they are 50?

A. Darryl Williams. Probably like a family game show.  

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