MSU Athletics releases fall guidelines for Davis Wade

Fans fill Davis Wade during the 2019 football season. This year, the stadium will be operating at 25% capacity in accordance with state guidelines.

On August 20, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves issued a statement that all of the football stadiums in the state of Mississippi would be operating at 25% capacity. The day after that announcement, Mississippi State University announced their guidelines in compliance with those issued by the governor.

Although the temporary loss of tailgating and traditions such as the Dawg Walk is disappointing, there will be a new addition to the MSU football experience this fall: beer sales will be taking place in Davis Wade.

The changes in traditions come at the cost of protecting the Bulldog family. MSU will be enforcing masks for all fans and staff, as well as working to minimize crowding in entrances, exits and elevators.

In their press release announcement, MSU also suggested at-home temperature and symptom checks prior to attending games. Transitions will be made for a more cashless exchange for purchasing items in concession stands in the stadium.

In the university's health and safety plan, they stated all of their campus services cleaning staff had been thoroughly trained with more in-depth sanitation processes. Their full guidelines and approach to campus health and safety during COVID-19 can be viewed on MSU's website.

Season ticket holders, whether they opt to skip this season or not, will be able to get their original seat locations back for the 2021 football season. Those with season tickets who have opted to keep them this season will be contacted in the coming weeks about how the situation will work with the reduced capacity.

"Although game days will look different this season because of many health and safety precautions being implemented," the press release stated, "MSU Athletics remains committed to delivering a positive experience for all who attend."

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