They were dominant on the mound, on the base paths and in hitting as No. 7 Mississippi State University (14-1) crushed the University of Maine (0-12) in a double header March 8 by final scores of 9-2 and 5-1. 

MSU head coach Chris Lemonis said he was proud of both his starting pitchers Ethan Small, a junior pitcher from Lexington, Tennessee, and JT Ginn, a freshman pitcher from Brandon, as they both earned wins. 

"The last couple of weeks they have been really good, and they were good today but Ethan (Small) walked his first few guys of the year today," Lemonis said. "I give them (Maine) credit they put some balls in play and found a few holes to put some pressure on them (Ginn and Small). They both just compete out there."

The Bulldogs are on a 10-game win streak and in those 10 games have only given up 19 runs in those 10 wins. That is an average of 1.9 runs a game, so the pitching staff is in a very good position and Jake Mangum, a senior center fielder from Pearl, said that gives the team as a whole a lot of confidence. 

"We get five runs that (second game) its almost like there is no way they are going to put four more on the board," Mangum said. "Our staff has been amazing but our offense needs to pick it up just a little bit."

Mangum said hitting is difficult because one game you may hit very well and then the next struggle which is something he experienced in the first game in which he had two hits in four at bat and the second game he had zero hits in four at bat. 

"It is amazing how quickly things can go away from you," Mangum said. "That is why you have to work hard when you are doing well. When you go eight for eight you have to work like you went zero for eight. There is a very quick turnaround and baseball will slap you in the face."

Mangum believes the team can improve offensively because although they have produced a lot of runs they have also missed opportunities to score runners. 

"We are a team full of talent you know, and we are playing together really, really well," Mangum said. "I think the offense can click a little more. We have some good bats throughout the lineup but we just need to string some more together in a row and that will come."

Right handed pitcher Ginn has been a real force to be reckoned with on the mound as he has made four appearances, won all four and dealt 32 strikeouts in just his freshman year. Ginn said his success on the mound has not been easy. 

"I wouldn't say it was easy, but I work hard in practice every week," Ginn said. "I just try to go out there and execute the game plan and stay true to myself. I have been fortunate to have success so far so hopefully I can keep it rolling."

Another area that the Diamond Dogs found success was on the base paths as they combined for a total of six stolen bases in two games. Mangum said the aggressive base running was crucial to the offense's success. 

"It was good, any time you get guys with a slow time to home you have to take advantage of that," Mangum said. "We took some bags today. I remember one of my at-bats Gunner (Halter) was at first base and I took a curveball for a strike that I would have swung at and I was able to drive him in."

Despite the team playing well again with a 10-game win streak, Lemonis still believes his team can improve as they had three errors.

"I thought this week there was a little bit of sloppiness in there with us this week," Lemonis said. "We talk about our standard all the time and what we are trying to achieve. I still feel like this team can play a little better, that is our goal. All year long hopefully we can come out and play a little better."

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