Offense looks to correct mistakes on Saturday

Mississippi State University has been on a rollercoaster ride of wins and losses this season.

The wins are celebrated and worshiped, while their losses have drug questions and uncertainties from fan to fan. These uncertainties only grew after the loss to LSU.

MSU Offensive Coordinator Luke Getsy detailed the basics of what needs to be seen from the team’s wide receivers for plays to end with positive results.

“It’s just making sure they’re detailed in what they do, they need to be where they’re supposed to be,” Getsy said. “When they’re supposed to be there, that’s the most important thing.”

Coach Getsy continued by explaining the importance of everyone working together on the offense, in order to produce the best results possible.

“If something seems off to a guy who’s maybe not spending that day as good as maybe he can, then that messes it up even more,” Getsy said. “And so tight ends, running backs, wide receivers, everyone has to make sure that they’re doing their assignment right.”

Going even deeper into the importance of offensive teamwork, Getsy discussed the impact the players have on one another.

“If they’re doing their assignment right, they’re in the right place at the right time, then that makes takes a lot more off of the quarterback,” Getsy said.

Nick Fitzgerald went over what he saw after watching the film from the LSU game and covered the overall issue he saw regarding his role within the last game.

“I just didn’t put the ball where it needed to be,” Fitzgerald said. “I made a few wrong reads, and that lead to a few catastrophic turnovers that we can’t have.”

The MSU quarterback shared how he is always the most critical of himself, and  expressed a desire to perform better.

“It comes down to, honestly, just overthinking things you know,” Fitzgerald said. “Just kind of relaxing and play my game, and throwing the ball is something that I’m going to keep working on everyday with my receivers and go from there.”

Fitzgerald said his solution to overthinking is taking a deep breath and trusting in the training from the week. This includes trusting in the work he has put into being the best that he can be.

The team shows a hunger for success and improvement on the field. As always, the team is putting in hard work and countless hours to make adjustments and to prepare for the upcoming game against Texas A&M—a team with the #2 defense in the SEC.

The Bulldogs will need to harness all of the effort they have put in thus far in order to get past the Aggies’ defensive line to score.

The MSU Bulldogs will face the Texas A&M Aggies at 6 p.m. Saturday, and ESPN will broadcast the game.

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