Mississippi State University (6-0) won 83-59 over North Dakota State University (3-4) in a fast-paced game flowing without many fouls.

On a night where Joe Moorhead, the new head football coach for MSU, was recognized, Tyson Carter, a sophomore guard from Starkville, took over the spotlight with his 35 points leading the team to a victory.

“You know I just felt like it was just one of those nights, my high in high school was 43,” Carter said. “I never realized it at first, I just knew it just kept coming and coming. Lately they haven’t been going in early on, but when the first shot went in I knew I was probably in for a big night.”

Carter has been on a hot streak the past two games, when he played Stephen F. Austin, scoring 25 points, and he was also named the co-mvp of the Hoops in the Heartland tournament. He credits his excellent play to the work he has put in the gym and the consistency of his shot.

“Just been getting back in the gym, and working on my arc,” Carter said. “Most of the shots that I have been missing in the past are because they are flat with not much arc on them, and making them consistently.”

Ben Howland said he has seen the improvement in Carter on and off the court as the sophomore is starting to contribute more to the team. Howland said he notices the hours Carter spends in the gym working on his shot and the strength he has gained.

“Everyone has improved, but I thought he (Carter) got stronger, his body, if you talk to our strength coach, his strength pound for pound is might be among the on the team he is very very strong,” Howland said. “We came in on Tuesday morning, and the whole focus for him from me was he was shooting the ball flat, his first one he had good arc, the second one was as flat as a pancake and then the next one had perfect arc.“

Howland was proud of his team for getting the ball to Carter because he was hot, he also credited Carter with spreading NDSU out. He compared the team’s performance and willingness to feed Carter to the bad boys of Detroit Pistons.

“I was so proud of his teammates for the way they knew he had it going, and they kept looking for him and setting screens for him, “ Howland said. “(Quinndary Weatherspoon) found him on the first play at the top of the key for a three, and we really got Tyson going and kept riding him.”

Point guard Lamar Peters will return to action on Sunday after missing three games for violation of team rules when State plays Dayton, and EJ Datcher is out with a foot injury and it is unknown when he will be back. Despite these major injuries, there are high expectations with the team being 6-0.

“We expect to win every game we play, we expect to be 6-0, and we want to be 7-0, and we want to be 8-0,” Howland said. “We want to win every game we play, and so I’m expecting to win every game we go into,”

MSU will play Dayton at 7 p.m. on Sunday night looking to improve to a 7-0 record.

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