Marlar: MSU Candy-man weighs in on Leach's Halloween takes

Mike Leach posted this image on Twitter, outlining his Halloween candy philosophy.

Today is Halloween, and you know what that means. 

Candy, and lots of it. 

Yes, that sweet succulent treat that makes adults and children alike beam from ear to ear. Whether it is almond joy, butterscotch or the ever reliable Hershey's chocolate, most candy will result in a smile. 

This rule is a little different with Mississippi State University Bulldogs' Head coach Mike Leach, though. Leach "hates" candy corn. *insert gasp here*

"I mean I completely hate candy corn," said Leach after the Bulldogs' win against Vanderbilt, "Gummy bears for sure … the Haribo ones … the Sprees in a box, outstanding … those Nerds clusters (are) good … and then if you go chocolate, probably Almond Joy."

I happen to agree on the candy corn sentiment, but Almond Joy? C'mon man. Either way, these statements stirred up as much controversy as one could expect. 

That being said, I took it upon myself to channel my deepest journalistic values, and decided to consult an expert on the matter. 

Ron Caulfield, the MSU "candy man," has been handing out candy at MSU sporting events for more than two decades. I reached out to him on Twitter for a statement on coach Leach's candy takes, and he had this to say.

"Personally, I LIKE candy corn! (His) choice of almond joys and gummy bears is excellent. During my 22 years of passing out candy — I have found out that everybody has their own favorites. Oh the stories I could tell from the people I have met. Getting back to coach Leach and his take on candy, it was very entertaining and personally (I think) he could be the next Willie Wonka!"

There you have it. The experts have spoken. Do with this information what you will, but no matter what, have a Happy Halloween from all of us here at the Reflector!

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