Bulldog soccer goes 2-0 in game and season

Marcella Cash protects possession of the ball during a match against Arkansas State University on Saturday in Starkville, Mississippi.

On Saturday afternoon, the Bulldogs scored their second consecutive spring win, putting them at 2-0 so far in this portion of their season. Along with the Bulldogs going 2-0 with their season record, that was also the score that the girls put up against the Red Wolves of Arkansas State University this weekend.

The first goal of the game was scored by Mississippi State University around 15 minutes into the first half. Hannah Telleysh, a junior midfielder from Orlando, Florida, scored the goal that kicked off the game.  

“We were going back and forth trying to get through into the final third, and everything was kind of back and forth, back and forth just getting us to settle down the game and finally get a shot on goal,” Telleysh shared about the leadup to her goal that kicked off scoring for the Bulldogs. “So, it was really great to get the first actual shot and for it to go in the back of the net.”

Telleysh’s shot was the only score of the half, bringing the Bulldogs on top of the Red Wolves to start the second half. This is not to say the Red Wolves of Arkansas State University did not push some shots towards the goal during the first half of Saturday afternoon’s match.

Two of the shots by ASU during the first half were by senior forward Sarah Sodoma, a native of Manchester, Missouri. She led the Red Wolves in shots for the entire game, with three total shots and one shot on goal during the match.

Despite efforts from the Red Wolves, the Bulldogs were still on top when the second half started, and the momentum was strong with multiple Bulldogs shooting for the goal early on in the half.

Monigo Karnley, a junior forward from Boothwyn, Pennsylvania, had a strong shot early on in the second half, but it was blocked by the Red Wolves’ goalie, senior Megan McClure.

Shortly after the blocked shot, the Bulldogs scored their second goal of the night with a kick by Marcella Cash, a freshman forward from Beavercreek, Ohio. Aside from this being the second goal of the game for the Bulldogs, it was also Cash’s first goal as a Bulldog. She shared about this moment after the game.

“Obviously, (being able to score) started from all the hard work that everyone else has been putting in at practice, because I wouldn’t have scored if it wasn’t for everyone that had the ball prior that was able to get the ball where it was," Cash shared.

The team's head coach, James Armstrong, spoke highly of Cash as a player and teammate.

“Marcella is one of the hardest working people on the team,” Armstrong said about the freshman. “She came in as a goal-scorer, and when you haven’t got a goal for so long, it starts to wear on your mind a little bit. So, I think you could see that once that goal went in, it was kind of like the weight was lifted off her shoulders, and she played a lot better afterwards.”

Head Coach Armstrong spoke proudly of his team after the game, especially speaking about this being their second spring game and winning both of those matches. This year, the spring games are not only for training but affect the Bulldogs’ standings.

“Troy will be another good team, well-organized,” Armstrong said. “I think at the moment, we’ll just concentrate on us and how we can be better from today.”

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