Jeffery Simmons, a former MSU defensive lineman from Macon, was preparing for the NFL draft this April 25-27 when he suffered a major setback according to a statement released on his Twitter.

“Unfortunately, I tore the ACL in my left knee when I was going through position drills this past weekend while training in Boca Raton, Florida,” Simmons said.  

Simmons said he will undergo surgery sometime next week, and will begin the rehab process sometime following the corrective procedure. He assured whichever team drafts him, he will continue to work hard even during recovery.

“I am going to come back stronger and more determined than ever,” Simmons said. “If it is God’s will, no matter which team drafts me this April, I will work extremely hard to become healthy and a leader in that organization.”

In his time at MSU, Simmons had seven sacks, two defensive touchdowns and was named the Conerly Trophy winner, an award given to the best player in Mississippi.

Simmons said his work to help the team improve is what he did at MSU and hopes to continue to do the same at the next level. After he got a second chance at MSU, he has worked hard to become a better man and a better player.

“I pride myself in my work ethic, commitment and leadership on and off of the field,” Simmons said. “I will do the same at the next level, becoming the best teammate I can be and helping my teammates get better while I prepare to take the field.”

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