Battle of the maroon: Aggies take down Bulldogs

Mississippi State University’s sophomore safety Collin Duncan stops Texas A&M’s Isaiah Spiller in Saturday’s game where the Bulldogs lost 28-14.

The eighth touchdown of the season for Mississippi State University came at a critical time in the game, on a third-and-6 play when A&M's Kellen Mond threw a pass that was deflected into the air and soared 15 yards before being intercepted by Emmanuel Forbes. Forbes then avoided an offensive lineman and took off with a convoy of maroon and white blockers. 

Sprinting for 60 yards, Forbes was able to score the first touchdown of the game for MSU and brought life and energy back into a stadium where none had been found just moments before. 

Linebacker Aaron Brule, a sophomore from New Orleans, said the team is working together as one and trying to build off of plays like that one, which energize the team. 

"We just look to be an elevator for the offense," Brule said. "We hope that when we make a big play it can spark their energy. They made a few nice plays today, and I'm hoping it will spark our energy."

This pick six gave MSU a touchdown and life in the game, as they were only down 14-7 at that point. 

Erroll Thompson, a senior linebacker from Florence, Alabama, said the team did not do enough because they lost, although the interception was a bit of a positive point for the defense. 

"It's always good to get a takeaway in an SEC game and score with it," Thompson said. "It is kind of a big momentum swing. I feel like [creating turnovers] is something that we need to continue to harp on and get better at."

The offense, on the other hand, scored just seven points on a Will Rogers 32-yard touchdown pass to Malik Heath. Outside of that, the offense struggled to produce for the second game in a row. 

Austin Williams, a junior wide receiver from Ocean Springs, said that, day-by-day, they have to be the best players that they can be, and in the off week, they will have to work to improve from the loss. 

"As a team, you have to get the fundamentals," Williams said. "Every day you have to come in with a purpose and the mindset that you have to grow. Watch the film, you have to be honest with yourself and how you can be better." 

For a majority of the game, the offense struggled to execute and drive the football down the field. Only 217 total yards of offense were gained, making an average of 3.6 yards per play.

Leach said the team looks really good in practice, but it just has not translated onto the field on game days.  

Williams addressed that point as he was asked about why that was the case. He said he liked what he saw from the offense in practices.

"We just have to work to translate it on Saturdays," Williams said. "Finding out what phase we aren't replicating to our scheme on Saturdays. We have to have some honest conversations and look in the mirror. Each man could probably do better."

With a off week between now and the Alabama game in Tuscaloosa on Halloween night, Brule said the team needs to keep working and not get down after the loss. 

"I think we all have that real hunger," Brule said. "A drive, just looking forward to the next games and the games after that."

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