Jace Christmann

Q) When you play Madden, who is your go-to team?

  1. Texans. Always. I’m a Houston Boy.

Q) Who is the best Madden player on the MSU football team?

  1. Paul Blackwell.

Q) What is your go-to pre-game song?

  1. "Hall of Fame" by the Script.

Q) What is your favorite pizza topping?

  1.  Pepperoni.

Q) Thick or thin crust?

  1. Thick.

Q) Suppose you are at a family reunion. What food are you most looking forward to eating?

  1. Poppy seed chicken. Momma makes the best poppy seed chicken.  

Q) What is your favorite place in Starkville?

  1. Davis Wade Stadium. 

Q) If you had to room with a coach on a road trip, who would you want?

  1. Coach Scheier is a funny guy.  I think it would be pretty entertaining. 

Q) Who is the most interesting guy on this team?

  1. Kody Schexnayder, for sure.

Q) Who is the best singer?

  1. Stewart Reese.

Q) Who is the best dancer?

  1. It’s not me. Probably Dedrick [Thomas]. I don’t know if it’s good dancing, but he’s always dancing a lot.

Q) The football team is having a 2v2 basketball tournament. Who is your first draft pick?

  1. Probably KT [Keytaon Thompson]. I think he had a pretty historic career in high school, so I’d have to go with him.

Q) If you did not play football, what sport would you play?

  1. Soccer. I’d probably still be playing soccer.

Q) Who was your hero in elementary school?

  1. Once I got into kicking, it kinda became Josh Scobee.

Q) What do you see yourself doing when you are 50?

  1. Hopefully I can be playing a lot of golf somewhere.

Q) Who on this team is going to have their own tv show when they are 50?

  1. I don’t know how good of a tv show it would be, but probably Tucker Day. He might be able to pull something off.

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