This week after the NBA and other teams decided to not play, Mississippi State University joined the University of Kentucky in not participating in practice on August 27, but instead walked to the Unity Park in downtown Starkville as a moment of racial unity.

Over the offseason, MSU football coaches were in Starkville, Mississippi to participate in the March for Justice after George Floyd was killed by a police officer.

Assistant Coach Dave Nichol described how the coaching staff felt about the team using their platform on Wednesday at the after-practice press conference.

"I think it's good to have those conversations," Nichol said. "We are a pretty easy-going staff when it comes to that — sitting in your office and just talking."

On Saturday following the team's unity march, head coach Mike Leach said most people are against injustice; it's just that people have different ways of approaching how to have the dialogue.

Leach said, to better the situation in America, the common American needs to first individually improve.

"If you want to improve the team, improve yourself," Leach said. "I think as people individually steadily improve themselves, I think that's the biggest step in the right direction. I also think a big part of that is being open to dialogue and listen."

Kylin Hill, the team's All-SEC running back, tweeted after the march to the Unity Park on Thursday. In one tweet, he shared a photo of the team at the park and spoke about the bond between the teammates. His second tweet showed his appreciation for the staff.

"Lastly I want to Thank Every Single person on Staff for hearing us out & accepting us to speak," Hill shared in his tweet, "They didn't have too but they did .. which speaks volume and shows we are all ONE FAMILY."

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