Column: A thank you, and how we can show appreciation to veterans

One day is not enough, one uniform does not do them justice, one game cannot show our gratitude. The veterans from Mississippi State University, the state of Mississippi and those of the U.S. deserve more than just a day, just a uniform and just a game for their sacrifice.

We can never say thank you enough to those who came before, and those who are to come, who answered the call of duty in defense of our nation, of our state and of our university. The names inscribed on the World War I monument on campus documents the great history of service MSU has had.

From the WWI, to the war on terror, the cadets, Aggies, maroons and Bulldogs put their lives on hold so they can ensure this country and our freedoms are safe. There is no greater sacrifice than for a man to lay his life down so his brothers can continue on.

There are reminders of their sacrifice all over campus, from the WWI monument, the Vietnam memorial, the painting in Lee Hall depicting MSU students dropping their textbooks, and picking up arms to defend their home. To quote a song by Billy Ray Cyrus, “Some gave all, but all gave some,” there is no way we can ever fully payback the debts we owe for their time in the service.  

Again, we can never say thank you enough, but what we can do is respect, honor and appreciate how much they laid on the line in order for our nation, for our state, for our University.

For the sake of our veterans, let us show how much we appreciate their sacrifice by being at Davis Wade Stadium for an 11 a.m. kickoff. May the many cowbells ring loudly as they exclaim, “Let freedom ring,” as the football team wears uniforms honoring an alumnus who dedicated his life to the service of this country, and to those young men and women who also dedicated their life to the service of this country.

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