The Reflector, student newspaper of Mississippi State University, was founded in 1884.

The newspaper was first published as Dialective Reflector from 1884 to 1889.

The name was changed to College Reflector in 1889 and ran under that name until 1922.

Beginning in 1922 the name changed to The Reflector.

The English Department published The Maroon and White for a brief period in 1944-1945 during World War II. All student campus activities had been suspended. Enrollment on campus was very small due to the war.


Following the war, The Reflector resumed publication and continues to this day as the oldest running college newspaper in the SEC.



Reflector Editors

Reflector Editors 2



Henry F. Meyer

Henry F. Meyer



Francis McDavid

"Faculty Advisor for The Reflector

20 Years Of Mentorship And Service"

Francis McDavid




Enter the Internet


The Reflector launched a website on February 02nd, 2001.

The first logo was used until smartphones became more prevalent in 2007.

Over the years, we have had several website layouts/logos.

Here is an archive of the previous layouts.

Unfortunately, some data was lost to time.

Thankfully, we have managed to upload our old logos here:




2011 Reflector Logo




2012 Reflector Logo




2013 Reflector Logo




2014 Reflector Logo




2016 Reflector Logo




2018 Reflector Logo




2019 Reflector Logo


Feel free to view our Wikipedia page.


Mississippi State University's yearbook, The Reveille, has numerous mentions of The Reflector.

You can view the archives of the publication here.