The Grisham Archive Project


Brandon Grisham worked with the Reflector for three years (2018 to 2020). During that time, he served as a general staff writer and the Online Editor. He received state, regional and national recognition for his work with the paper.


His contributions to the website were centered toward showcasing the Reflector's history. Brandon aimed to bridge the gap between the Reflector's past and it's online web portal.


While the Reflector is the oldest paper in the SEC, the website offered only a decades' worth of articles. In his junior year, he volunteered his services and began laying the foundations for the Grisham Archive Project (GAP).


The GAP required countless hours of digital archival and design work. High-resolution scans of the paper were collected and converted into digital website articles. Grisham worked with the Special Collections department at the Mitchell Memorial Library.


The plaques are hyperlinked to all articles collected from the corresponding decades.