2023 Fashion trend prediction: Demin dominates

Everyone knows that going to class is no longer just “going to class”: it is a fashion show everyday on the Drill Field. Keep your fashion forward with this forecast of future trends for this year.

Western wear wins again

While Mississippi fashion is no stranger to Western wear, in 2023, I expect to see boots, bell bottoms and belt buckles expand to a nationwide trend. In addition, I expect brands like Wrangler, Carhartt and Dickies to continue to grow in popularity. This is exciting news for my fellow Southerners who can now fashionably represent their redneck roots.

The staple sorority girl's pink cowboy hat and white game day cowboy boots are expected to become a casual look for everyone. Marilyn La Jeunesse with Glamour reports on this trend as “Cowboy Cosplay,” and attributes its rising popularity to celebrities like Lil Nas X, Miley Cyrus and Brittany Broski, a TikTok star.

The ballerina bandwagon

In a new approach to athleisure, ballerina wear is expected to become fully casual in 2023. Introduced in 2022, this trend produced a rise in sleek back buns and dainty pink skirts. Héloïse Salessy with Vogue labeled "ballet core" as “The Star Trend of 2023” and suggests that fashion and ballet have been closely connected for centuries. Due to the flexible fit of ballerina wear built for dancers, this style provides comfortable and functional options.

Fashion-forward celebrities like Bella Hadid, Ariana Grande and Sydney Sweeney have popularized this look. I expect to see a variety of casual leotards and leg warmers. Garments like skirts, tights and tops are likely to be sheer, and the color pallet is likely to follow shades of pink, white and black. Unfortunately, society should prepare for the return of ballet flats with blister bandages and ankle braces.

Denim dominates

No surprise, denim maintains the tight hold it has over American fashion. Unfortunately for millennials, skinny jeans are not coming back, and I expect jeans to get even bigger than they were in 2022. Henrik Lischke with Vogue reports that the fashion cycle continues to ignore tight, uncomfortable denim fits and encourages extra baggy jeans with extra leg room. Denim is also expected to be seen in formal settings. I would like to thank Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake for their iconic and timeless contribution to the fashion world.

As grungy styles and thrifted outfits remain relevant, there is an expected rise in denim maxi skirts, denim dresses and patchwork denim. I predict everyone will be rocking jorts this summer and oversized denim jackets in the fall. The resurfacing of low-rise jeans is a controversial addition to denim trends that was introduced in late 2022, and the jeans are expected fit EVEN lower this year. It’s finally acceptable to channel Hilary Duff and Christina Aguilera's energy again.

GTA Core

Men’s fashion trends are expected to follow elements of the 1980s and '90s. This means the mullets and mustaches from the '80s and the oversized graphic tees and varsity jackets from the '90s. The most exciting change in masculine fashion is the reintroduction of the male crop top as gender norms continue to be challenged. Jessica Campbell with GQ reports that this trend was established by famous men like Kid Cudi, Ezekiel Elliott and Johnny Depp. Boys are expected to raid their girlfriends' closets and break out the belly button in 2023.

In a trend I like to call, “GTA Core,” men can look forward to wearing their wife-beater tank tops in public again. This poorly named staple in American fashion is almost guaranteed to already be in the dressers of most men. Wife-beaters will be seen with dress pants and cardigans, giving the vintage look a new twist.

Remember, fashion is about wearing what makes you feel good. I expect to see everyone’s best looks in spring 2023.

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