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Graphic of Taylor Swift's album cover. 

In recent years, Taylor Swift has been rerecording some of her old albums, and the differences between the rereleases and the originals are striking. The new recordings bring a new spin on old favorites. 

Swift’s rerecordings came following issues with her old record label management and have essentially changed the underlying narrative of each of her old versions of albums.

Yes, I did love her original "Fearless" and "Red" albums, but the rerecords have become my favorite versions, as they feature new songs (From the Vault tracks) and a fresh take on the originals.

When Swift released "Fearless (Taylor’s Version)" in April 2021, it truly felt like everything had gone back in time, and it was 2008 again. Though it sounds similar to the original, the rerecorded version of her decade-old songs were vastly superior, as Swift’s voice has aged well. Hearing Swift’s 30-year-old voice singing "Fifteen" is something I never knew I needed until I heard it. 

In November 2021, "Red (Taylor’s Version)" was released just in time for everyone to break up with their toxic partners. The punch of emotions that swirled drove people to go into their "Red era," which entailed red scarves, flannels and "sad girl fall" energy.

Included in "Fearless (Taylor’s Version)" and "Red (Taylor’s Version)" were previously unreleased music from her "Vault." Swift did not mention bonus tracks when she originally announced that she would be rerecording albums, but these bonus tracks were a sparkling addition to the albums. As I listened to the rerecorded albums with their bonus tracks, the albums sounded complete as if Swift had intended to release them with her original albums but was unable to.

Along with these rerecorded albums, Swift has also rereleased "This Love (Taylor’s Version)" on May 6, 2022, and "Wildest Dreams ("Taylor’s Version") on Sept. 17, 2021 from her "1989" album. 

When I first listened to "This Love (Taylor’s Version)," my jaw dropped. I listened to the song on repeat for days, and it never lost its luster. After listening to the original "This Love" following the rerelease, it did not have same effect on me as rerecorded version did.

Fans are still in store for more gems, as Swift has yet to release four albums that she has plans to rerecord. If they are anything like her other rerecords, I will not be disappointed.

Inevitably, after hearing Swift’s rerecorded albums, I do not know how I could ever go back to her originals.

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