Whataburger Starkville

Starkville is an ever-growing city with many available fast-food options and great local restaurants. However, as a college student, I find it difficult to find myself a meal late at night, and the Cookout drive-through line is almost intolerable, as it quickly wraps around the building and pours into the highway. Usually, I find the same situation present at McDonald's because of the lack of late-night bites available for many night-owl students. What if Starkville invested into more delicious, late-night options to decrease the traffic within these establishments and to add more variety to the already-diverse area of eateries? Specifically, what if Starkville had the opportunity to open a deliciously satisfying Whataburger franchise in the area?

Whataburger can be recognized by its large Texan following, delicious breakfast and large, inexpensive burgers. If you have ever visited any location in Texas, you have probably seen more than five Whataburger restaurants throughout your visit because of these profitable factors. 

Whataburger provides service 24/7, and the option to order breakfast or lunch is always available. Whataburger would enhance Starkville's fast-food scene through its convenience, affordability and good quality.

According to Chris Heasman of Mashed, the late hours of Whataburger are not the only convenient aspect of the chain: the customization options also exemplify Whataburger's greatness. Whataburger may only have eight burgers on the menu, but in 2009, the company launched a campaign displaying how a Whataburger can be made in 36,864 different ways. The accessibility of different ingredients offers unlimited options and can satisfy the preferences of many different tastes. The customization does not stop at toppings as every aspect of the burger can be suited to your tastes from the bread to the burger count. 

Lisa Fain of Bon Appétit explained the Texan love for this fast-food favorite is understandable because of the Tex-Mex selection provided within their menu. Not only does this company serve delicious burgers, shakes and fries but fajita tacos, taquitos and ranchero-style burgers and biscuits can be ordered also. The collection of food styles makes Whataburger stand out from the crowd. It is not just a lunchtime or late-night burger stop but a place to grab a warm, fluffy breakfast taquito before rushing off to morning duties. 

After hearing the buzz about Whataburger, Hollis Johnson of Business Insider decided to see if the chain met the standards set by expectation. Johnson was impressed with the burger results and highlights the power of the infamous "Spicy Ketchup." Whataburger offers many different sauce choices, but the Spicy Ketchup takes the cake with the subtle heat within this condiment favorite. Not only does Whataburger's Spicy Ketchup stand out but so does the creative creation of the Creamy Pepper sauce with its slight, decadent flavor. It is safe to say you never run out of options at Whataburger. 

Whataburger continues to pop up in areas surrounding Starkville, but it is time for Starkville to adjust to the trend and experience what this franchise has to offer. Between its vast customization options and its late hours, Whataburger would make a great addition especially for college students looking for a cheap new option.

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