Evan Giia stole the show at Bulldog Bash

Evan Giia, a Brooklyn native, was one of the opening performers for Surfaces and Bryce Vine at Bulldog Bash this year.

Evan Giia is a name I had never heard of before Bulldog Bash, and now that the concert is over, it is a name that I will struggle to forget. I referred to Bryce Vine and Surfaces’ music as “feel-good” in a previous Bulldog Bash article. While that might could work for Giia, serotonin laced may be the only way to describe how she performed on stage. 

As Giia took the stage, the feeling I got was that nearly nobody in the crowd, including myself, had ever heard of her. By her third song, I knew I was not going to move until she finished. 

Starkville is not a town that regularly hosts EDM (Electric Dance Music) artists, so this was something entirely new to most everyone at Bulldog Bash. After she hit the stage, Giia went on to turn the hearts of the entire crowd. 

Her energy and stage presence shone through for the first two songs, and then she proceeded to open a song with two statements I will not forget. Giia said, “Raise your hand if you go to therapy,” to which many hands went up, as the crowd was mainly college students, and we are all just hanging in there.

Giia followed, “Good, glad to see you guys working to get better. This next song is about when you are going through something, and you finally get to that one day where you feel yourself progressing.” She then performed to one of her most popular songs, “Feeling Better (Better).” She had won over the crowd, as the attendees were mainly college students, and we love when music is relatable. 

For the uninitiated, EDM music it is not just a guy at his computer pressing play. There is someone behind the sound, and there is a singer, but these artists usually work individually and collaborate on certain songs. The only real difference is that the singers usually get less recognition. Giia is one of these singers. She is an artist that was brought to the concert because of her incredible voice and energy, and she showed the city of Starkville her potential that night.

Walking away after seeing Government Plates, Evan Giia, Bryce Vine and Surfaces, I could not get Giia's music out of my head. Everyone had a great show, but hers was the one that stood out the most to me. She conveyed a love for music, people and living in the moment throughout the songs she performed. 

Artists loving what they do is one thing, but artists loving how people react to their craft is an entirely different topic. To me, Giia is someone who loves how people react to what she has put her heart and soul into. This shone through at Bulldog Bash; she stole the show and gave the best performance of the night. 

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