When I first went to Mississippi State University's Organization Fair this past spring as a transfer student, I was overwhelmed by the number of clubs and organizations MSU has to offer. From student government, intramural sports, STEM, literary clubs or to a Disney movie watching club, MSU has plenty of opportunities for you to find your niche. With the number of clubs and organizations to choose from, however, it can be tricky to find a club you are passionate about, especially one that fits in with your busy schedule if you are just settling in as a freshman.

One of the best parts about joining a club or organization is it can make your college days feel more memorable and make campus overall feel more like a home away from home. Finding a club which aligns with your interests will allow you to interact with club members who may share the same major, class or just have similar interests as you. Either way, attending meetings, going to club-related events and getting to know your club members in general can allow you to make lasting friendships and meet students outside your social circle.

Joining a club can also give you a break from your studies. According to Bentley University, becoming active in a club can give your mind a break from stress in studying and doing college assignments. Becoming involved in activities related to a club will let you relax and have fun with peers and let you make the most of your university experience.

Participating in a club is also beneficial to your academic life, whether you may realize it or not. Studying for your classes and making good grades is important, but an organization will give you real-world experience and important life skills that will help you after graduation. According to Alina Tubman of The College of St. Scholastica, a club can be vital in enhancing skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication and time management skills.

Additionally, joining a student organization will let you know more about yourself and what your interests are. It could possibly broaden your options for your career and let you discover fields you did not know you even liked. According to Sean Goodman of The Huffington Post, he was not sure of what clubs he wanted to do, so he took his time to find out what clubs were right for him over his fall semester, which led to him discovering more. "After meeting so many inspiring individuals working for NGOs, local governments, and our own federal government overseas, my career choice changed drastically. Joining a club can introduce you to people and organizations will can have a profound impact on your career," Goodman stated.

Any club or organization you join will help you find your strengths and skills in topics of interest to you, whether it may be marketing, engineering or theatre. It can also help you to find a future hobby or an advocacy issue about which you are deeply passionate. Contributing to a club can also give you self-awareness of the skills in which you possess and help you develop knowledge in a variety of areas outside of your major.

At MSU, there is a club for everyone, and it takes patience and dedication to commit yourself to being active in certain clubs or organizations. However, taking the time to contribute and become a part of a club ultimately can provide experiences you will cherish throughout your years at MSU.

Club members can encourage you to discover your skills and talents, while also serving as mentors to guide you through your first year. With busy class schedules and part-time jobs, finding the club for you can serve as your down time from classes and create opportunities that will enhance your academic experience, while still ensuring your college years will be ones you will never forget.

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