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The original iCarly dominated the Nickelodeon network in the late 2000s and provided quality, quirky entertainment for "Gen Z" kids. The fixation on reinstalling nostalgic childhood favorites has become a popular investment in the TV industry. After iCarly ended in 2012, the question still stood of what would become of Carly, Sam, Freddie, Gibby and Spencer.

The news of a fresh iCarly coming to light was an exciting idea and gave many the expectation of viewing the same quirky show they grew up admiring. However, nostalgia is not as prevalent as you might think with this reboot. The new rendition has thankfully matured along with its audience, but there seems to be key elements missing which originally made iCarly so special.

For one, if you expect to see Sam Puckett and her infamous butter sock, you will be severely disappointed. Sam Puckett's presence is replaced with Carly's new BFF, Harper. Harper exemplifies a great representation for both the LGBTQ+ and Black community, but lacks the fiery, spontaneous edge Sam Puckett always provided.

The absence of Gibby and his absence of clothing was truly disappointing as well. I feel he really boosted the comedic effect attached to the series. If Gibby was around, there were always laughs to follow. Gibby, being my own favorite character, really added those elements of shock, surprise and confusion that contributed to the initial eccentric theme of iCarly.

The futures laid out for both Carly and Freddie were not as expected and a little disheartening. Freddie is a single parent with two divorces and a failed tech start-up latched to his past. Freddie seemed to have a bright future ahead of him at the end of iCarly but has been reduced to a pushover parent who still lives with his mother. Carly's fate is similar as she is simply focused on her declining social-media presence and love life rather than something of quality. The only character who seems to be doing well is Spencer, as he is now a rich and famous sculptor whose clumsiness has paved a way to success. At least Spencer got what he deserved.

All in all, the iCarly reboot attempted to take us all back to the golden days but failed to hit the nail on the head with the many discouraging plot lines and lack of essential characters.

Show Rating: 4/10

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