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Saturdays at Davis Wade this football season would not be complete without the obligatory torrent of "f--- Joe Biden" chants instigated by the Mississippi State University student section. The hatred of the sitting U.S. president is almost as unifying as cheering on the Bulldogs to victory. The student body here at MSU and hundreds of other institutions nationwide are making their displeasure publicly known.

In a way, the chants are a referendum. They are a message to the president that young college students are firmly situated against the presidential agenda and demand new political action from our commander-in-chief. College students are not stupid. We can see the writing on the wall and the chanting is our frustration coming to head—striking back at the sitting president in a way free from media disinformation. President Trump, for his flaws as a man and as a leader, never unhinged a chorus of enraged college students at a football game. His incompetence was never put on display in the public forum because he was, at the very least, an effective president. Joe Biden cannot make this same claim.

His radical left-wing agenda, economic illiteracy and an outright ignorance of the changing nature of the pandemic serves as the rational justification for the resistance to his governance from college students. Among the many of Biden's laughable performances as he competes for the most ineffective president in modern U.S. history is his stance on the economic issues regarding fossil fuels.

Biden admitted of his own volition, as reported by Samuel Chamberlain of the New York Post, that he has no plan in place to combat the rising prices of fuel. "I must tell you, I do not have a near-term answer," Biden said when questioned about what the White House's strategy is for dealing with the rising cost of fuel. However, our fearless leader offers a glimmer of optimism in saying he "could probably reduce the price of gas maybe 18 cents or so per gallon (but) it is still gonna be above three bucks." Of course, the spike can be attributed to the rising costs of energy nationwide regarding the closing of the Keystone Pipeline on the president's first day in office as well as reckless inflationary spending that erodes trust in the American dollar. Maybe to the Washington fat cats and the Biden family specifically, a three-dollar hit per gallon is a drop in the bucket, but for the everyday college student spending $50 and upwards to go home on holiday is just not feasible. These are real costs affecting individuals and American families.

But what does the president have to say for himself in response to the outcry? The man stands by his failing agenda. As reported by Brianna Lyman of The Daily Caller, Biden responded to signs in Michigan that read "f*** Joe Biden" by saying, "I took this agenda to the country … an economy that looks from Howell, Michigan, and towns like it all over America that bring people from every race, background, religion into the game." President Biden, in his infinite talent to say nothing as convolutely as possible, fully intends to weaponize the nation's diversity to equally distribute economic misery to the American family.

Most egregiously tone-deaf is Biden's call to think of the children and watch our language in criticizing his policies, "I guess I am still surprised when people, even if they do not like me, are willing to be that profane around children." Yes, the economy is shambles and we have entered an absolute stagnation of COVID-19 progress over the course of the entire Biden administration, but God forbid the leader of the free world must hear a few mean words, spare his precious feelings.

Regarding COVID-19, Biden's unwillingness to adjust his original plans in the face of new evidence is a criminal misreading of the changing nature of the pandemic. To begin, President Biden, by order of executive fiat, demands all federal employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19, according to the White House's website. As the head of the executive branch this is fully within his right, but by superimposing a belief system on those you are sworn to lead, it casts the unvaccinated as social pariahs.

In addition, due to MSU's receiving of federal funds, all employees who draw a paycheck from the university are required to inject themselves or face termination of employment. The mandate is indiscriminate in application, affecting everyone from upper administration to resident assistants. It is a massive overstepping of personal choice and a "conform or else" ultimatum which is fundamentally un-American. How fitting that it be the president of the United States to endorse such a unifying policy!

The Mississippi State University student body has decided to voice their displeasure, a resistance against what is seen as an eroding of basic freedom guaranteed to every American citizen. A referendum on incompetence and, in a unified voice, our students hope Joe Biden can hear us all the way in Washington, because we are here, and we are angry.

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