Dear Editor,
I believe no one can truly be an American without having very strong feelings and opinions about President Donald Trump's administration. As we all know, he is currently in the process of being impeached by the House of Representatives. We also know, with the Republican majority Senate, Trump will not be removed from office.
I have seen the polling results about impeachment and removal. All of these poll results tell of a definite want of impeachment. Once again, I voted for the candidate, Trump, who I believed would make better changes for all Americans. I, and so many others, voted for a very deceptive man. So many of his campaign promises have either fallen short or are complete lies.
No one can predict what will happen as a result of Trump's many falsehoods told to all Americans and to other countries. As true Americans, we wanted Former President Richard Nixon removed from office. As a result of overwhelming pressure, Nixon did the right thing by removing himself from office. Trump must take this lesson from Nixon: fight or flight. Nixon was, at least, American enough to make the right choice in order to save America from further embarrassment. Will Trump take this page from Nixon, or will the global negativism continue toward the U.S.?

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