Ever since President Trump took office, he has signed many executive orders and is drastically influencing many of our lives. 

These influences may have been direct or indirect, for better or for worse, but they are affecting all of us.

One of these orders has directly impacted many international students on campus—specifically, students from the countries listed in the Presidential Executive Order on Immigration.

In the past couple of days, I have heard many stories of how people’s future are being affected, how many families are being separated and how many students are distracted in the face of all of these developments. 

While I agree the suddenness of all these changes has brought about many distresses and uncertainties, I cannot condone the negativity all of us are bringing upon ourselves.

To all of my fellow international students and friends who think they are being treated unlawfully or unjustly I need to remind you of one thing: When we were granted visa to enter the U.S. we were not promised a permanent stay, nor were we promised a prospect of job after our education. 

I think the fast-paced change that President is offering to the world has been throwing many of us off. As a consequence, we have forgotten that he has not been doing anything unlawful. 

He was elected as the president of the U.S.  and signing executive orders the way he sees fitting is a part of his job.

Quite frankly, having any negative feeling towards any of his orders is a sign that the concept of democracy and the law of the U.S. we agreed upon our entrance to this country has not been fully appreciated and understood.

We all need to accept that President Trump is the acting president of the United States and is running the country. 

Even though he has gained so much power after winning the election, by reacting irrationally and becoming distressed and upset, we are giving him more power than he deserves to have as the president.

President Trump has the power to make me pack up and leave the country tomorrow, however, he will not have the power to stop me from feeling good about my life and my ability to smile and love. 

Only I have that power, and I refuse to let go of that power by thinking as if staying in America is all my life is about.

I believe refusing to feel negative about any situation will allow you to think clearly and make the best decision. The way, I think, we all need to look at the whole situation is to acknowledge that finding a future in the U.S. might have become harder than before.

I would love to finish this article with my dad’s favorite Persian saying: “The sky is blue everywhere.”

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Gordon Lee

In another article recently published by The Reflector, Katherine Klein said that "she charges the privileged people there who have not spoken up in fear of backlash from others."
I am very proud of Roy Jafari for acknowledging his position of privilege and speaking truth and wisdom. I Jafari does not receive backlash from the chaotic and irrational feelings of some of those who do not support our President. His refusal to be afraid of such backlash is admirable and worth noting.

Gordon Lee

That was supposed to read:
"I hope Jafari does not receive backlash..."

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