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Since the beginning of his presidency, the Democratic Party has been making fruitless promises to remove Donald Trump from office by means of impeachment. Armed with some sense of civic duty and moral obligation, the noble Democrats seek to remove the scourge of the incompetent Donald Trump from office, saving America from the tyranny of the democratic election they willingly took part in. At least, that is how Democrats see this cause in their own minds.

When did impeaching Trump become an issue on which Democrats can run? The United States government has sunk millions of dollars into Robert Mueller's investigation of Donald Trump only to find no collusion and no obstruction, the fact Democrats are unwilling to accept this and continue to look for impeachable offenses places partisan politics above the American people.

Regarding the recent Ukraine incident between President Trump and President Zelensky, it will prove to be just the same, another Democratic witch hunt to discredit the president, a far cry from the constitutional requirements for an impeachment hearing. Just as guilty as Democratic politicians who attempt to smear the president, left-wing news agencies acting as Democratic mouthpieces feed the fire to outrage the American citizenry.

News agencies providing biased takes and spinning examples to make the president look as bad as possible creates a demand from the ordinary citizen to desire impeachment, thus giving justification for Democrats to pursue this outrageous course of action in Congress. The media and Democratic politicians' unwillingness to reach across the aisle in the spirit of bipartisanism is why the impeachment issue is an issue at all and why the Democratic Party is able to present the issue of impeachment as a service to the Constitution, as opposed to the gross attempt to delegitimize The President, which it is.

Let us begin with the Democratic politicians, or actors who put on a show to appease their base as they gradually move left. One thing that must be clarified is this fact the Democrats are not threatening to impeach Donald Trump because of some moral sense of duty, or as John C. Moritz of USA Today reports Nancy Pelosi saying, "Our first responsibility is to the Constitution."

Nancy Pelosi demonstrates no allegiance to the Constitution in this instance because if this was a constitutional issue then she should have no problem bringing the charges and then impeaching the president. The reason Pelosi is so hesitant to act on this is the surety the Democrats will lose the vote.

Yael Halon of Fox News writes, "the Democrats' impeachment tactics represent something deeper, and that if they truly believed America supported the President's impeachment, they would bring it to a House vote."

This begs the question: What is deeper motivation at the core of the Democratic agenda? The answer is the 2020 election.  Calling for impeachment this late in the presidential term shows a deep lack of confidence in the Democratic Party's candidates to beat Donald Trump. According to Halon, "They think Biden might be too old and weak to beat Trump, and they worry Warren might be too left-wing."

So Democrats look for a new strategy, unable to beat Republicans in the arena of ideas, they have chosen to fight them in the moral arena and attempt to convince the American people of the justness of the Democratic platform.

In regard to the ceaseless effort to remove Donald Trump from office, the left-wing media outlets have proven themselves to be just as responsible for the outcry of impeachment as the Democratic politicians themselves. Sacrificing journalistic integrity and commitment to giving the American people honest reporting, the modern news agencies have lost their way and instead editorialize the political topic. The definition of reporting the news has changed.

Take Zack Beauchamp's article from Vox, who refers to the Trump-Ukraine incident as a, "clear, straightforward, and politically devastating scandal."

In addition, Beauchamp writes, "All of the defects Trump's critics see in the president's character — his venal transactionalism, his mob-esque worldview, his lack of concern for the national interest, his own pseudo-authoritarian instincts — are on display in the Ukraine call, and it paints a damning indictment of a man unfit for the country's highest office."

This is not news, this is sensationalism, and the American people are being disserved by the very people who claim to be informing them of the facts.

The New York Post defines this sensationalism best in saying, "the out-of-control prez painted by the media in stories that relied on leaks and third- or fourth-party accounts — not even hearsay, but gossip."

This is exactly what this situation is, pure gossip with an axe to grind that was predicated on a political agenda at the expense of a commitment to truth.

The political left and their mainstream media mouthpiece has created the party of impeachment. In the absence of a political ideology that appeals to the masses, impeachment has supplanted true political discourse. This is the convenient avenue to power. The Democrats are branding their opponent as immoral in an attempt to remove him from office, while undermining the electoral process that put him there. I call on the Democrats to renew their faith in the American system and challenge their opposition as our Founding Fathers intended, in the arena of ideas at the ballot box.

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