Student Activity Fees

Dear Editor,

One must appreciate the irony that, a few weeks ago, Delta Gamma boasted that they "controlled" a massive percentage of the Student Association Senate. Today, SA pleads for students to increase their activity fee by 400%.

Only about 20% of students on MSU's campus are involved in Greek life, yet, on the Executive Council, five of nine members list a Greek affiliation— and this is leaps and bounds better than previous years.

The Student Association has had a long history of Greek dominance. Simply put, it is extremely difficult to garner support when you do not have a well-financed, exclusive organization behind you to guarantee a few hundred votes. As a friend once told me: "You have to either know someone or be Greek to join the Student Association cult."

That being said, very rarely does SA support something which is blatantly in the interest of only Greek life. President Garrett Smith's administration has made massive strides thus far, and I personally know several passionate members who are, in fact, non-Greek.

Bulldog Bash, the Sanderson, clubs— these are all things that we generally agree are worth funding, but I understand the frustration. As I leave Mississippi State University, I am extremely disappointed to have witnessed many, many people feeling ostracized when trying to join.

I will be voting for the increase and encourage everyone to as well. However, I once again call for SA to do better in terms of non-Greek representation. If I am willing to pay more, the Student Association best be willing to make sure every student feels represented.

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