Dear Editor,      

So, now a Mississippi State University journalism ethics lecturer has compared the conservative Young Americans for Freedom to the KKK. Ryan Phillips appears to have not learned much at all about ethics. But, we should not be surprised at yet another example of political correctness run amok.

It is no big secret many, many teachers are liberal, especially on college campuses. Hopefully, students are aware of all the one-sided, liberal propaganda they are manipulatively being exposed to. Hopefully, they are aware that they and their parents are essentially paying for liberal indoctrination in many cases, and are being cheated out of a decent education. But, I fear they are not.

It would be nice to see students pushing for intellectual diversity at their schools, and maybe even affirmative action for hiring a true minority on school campuses—conservative teachers. Until this happens, liberal teachers and administrators will feel free to continue to try to take advantage of their students, to indoctrinate them instead of educate them in order to impose their questionable values on them. This needs to change. 

Many schools in this country have been discriminating against conservatives and conservative speech for years, like implementing bizarre, totalitarian, Orwellian "speech codes." For example, according to politically correct speech codes, it is okay to call decent moral conservatives "homophobes." It is not okay to call homosexuals "heterophobes."  The latter is considered so-called "hate speech," and will get you in a lot of trouble with liberally biased administrators.

The legal group acronymed Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), which defends conservative teachers and students who have been discriminated against by liberal bigots on various school campuses, could provide you with a lengthy list of such cases. The civil rights of conservatives are under attack on many school campuses.

President Donald Trump handily beat Hillary Clinton, in part because a lot of decent moral people are getting really fed up with liberal judgmentalism, liberal self-righteousness, liberal name-calling, liberal violence and hate, liberal divisiveness, liberal intolerance, liberal closed-mindedness, liberal bullying, liberal bigotry and liberal discrimination.

During former President Barack Obama's eight years as president, Republicans picked up around 1,000 seats on the state level, state senators and state house representatives—thank you, Obama! More and more people are seeing liberals for the colossal hypocrites they really are and are soundly rejecting them. That is a good thing.

Sincerely, Wayne Lela

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