This edition of The Reflector marks the second production night for the 1996-97 Reflector Editorial Board. Let me introduce them.


The news editor is Amy Leigh Hutchison. She likes the soundtrack to “A Clockwork Orange.” She served as assistant news editor last year, proudly typing every entry into the Police Report. Now she lays out the front page and decides what is news, She is short.


The assistant news editor is Erin Sewell. She is a voracious writer, and she is always assertive. She owns a Jimmy Buffet four-CD box set. She is short, but she is taller than Amy Leigh.


Lydia Jemison is the managing editor. Her job is to lay out the comics, classifieds, club info and to also copy edit stories on the page. She wants a man, and she owns “ABBA's Greatest Hits.” She is tall.


Marcela Cartagena is the features editor. She is originally from Chile, but has taken to the States very well. I don't know what she listens to. She is taller than Erin, but she is shorter than Lydia.


Heath Shackleford is the sports editor. He won the 1995-96 award for The Reflector's best sports writer. He is short. He doesn't listen to country, nor does he know who ABBA is.


Traci Triplett is the editorial page editor. She is also short. She listens to Widespread Panic. She makes up the Yeas and Nays. If you don't like the Yeas or Nays call her at 325-7906 and tell her exactly what you think.


Our advertising manager is Alison Stamps. She listens to Simon and Garfunkel, she is short and pale. She can hardly go out into the sun.


Garland Cary is the photography editor. He takes incredible pictures. He is tall. He recently borrowed a Lionel Richie album.


I will be the editor. I am neither tall nor short. I want to borrow Lydia's ABBA CD. I wrote about higher education desegregation for two years covering the Ayers case. I was taxed intellectually. I actually talked to all the presidents of all the public universities in Mississippi in one day. I've worked here a very long time.

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