Ellie Herndon, student body president

To the newest additions to our Mississippi State family:

Welcome! My name is Ellie Herndon, and I am the Student Body President here at Mississippi State. We are so excited to have you here on campus for orientation and the upcoming academic year!

You are starting off on the right foot by taking the time to read our amazing student newspaper, The Reflector! As I am sure many of the students involved in the production of The Reflector will tell you, there are endless opportunities for you to find your place here at Mississippi State. We have hundreds of student organizations for you to get involved with, undergraduate research opportunities that you can pursue, study abroad trips waiting to be taken, and overall a community of people who will be there to support you in your endeavors.

While this is just the beginning of your Mississippi State experience, I hope that you will cherish the memories you will make during your time here. I hope that during your time at MSU, I can be a resource to you in whatever you may need! My email address is egh177@msstate.edu and my phone number is 228-327-4702 – whether you want to talk about ways to get involved with the Student Association, hear more about all that Mississippi State has to offer, or simply a recommendation of places to eat in Starkville, please do not hesitate to reach out!

I am so excited that you have decided to make Mississippi State your home for the next few years! I cannot wait to see what is in store for you!

Hail State!

Ellie Herndon

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Fay Turner

Ellie Herndon, as the student body president, has been an exceptional leader, showcasing her remarkable ability to connect with her peers. She has not only embraced the diverse interests of our student body but also introduced innovative initiatives, such as custom avatars, to foster inclusivity and creativity within our school community. Ellie's forward-thinking approach and dedication to enhancing student experiences have undoubtedly made a lasting impact, inspiring us all to embrace individuality and express ourselves freely.

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