Ever Grains replaces OLILO in Colvard Student Union

Ever Grains recently replaced OLILO in the student union’s food court. Similar to OLILO, the new restaurant provides a healthy variety of signature dishes and customizable options.

A new health food restaurant opened up March 1 in the Mississippi State University Colvard Student Union where OLILO previously was. 

Ever Grains boasts a menu promising health and wellness as its mission. It offers salad bowls with many flavorful combinations. There are several signature dishes, and customers can also customize their bowls in a five-step process.

"We believe that Ever Grains is a great healthy option choice and makes it easy to create customized meals as well, so you can have a different meal each day," MSU Dining-Aramark Marketing Manager Andi Pichardo said in a statement.

Ever Grains' salad bowl concept starts with choosing the base greens and grains from a couple of options. Next, the customer selects an entrée from a variety of vegetables and then the protein, like turkey, chicken or eggs. For toppings, spicy roasted broccoli, feta, avocado and toasted walnuts are available. Lastly, the bowl is complete with a salad dressing, like avocado Caesar, carrot miso or pesto vinaigrette.

According to Pichardo's statement, one of MSU Dining Services' goals is to foster good nutrition on campus.

"Mississippi State University Dining Services is committed to promoting health and wellness within our community," Pichardo stated.

Pichardo explained Dining Services received some students' feedback that requested additional healthy options on campus.

"We also want to make sure we take students' feedback in mind and continue to innovate within Dining Services. Based on student feedback we have received, having healthy options on campus is very important," Pichardo said.

Students have mixed reactions about Ever Grains. Some, like Mary Rogers Coon, a freshman undeclared major, said they enjoyed the nutritious options. Coon said she got a salmon and quinoa bowl with mixed vegetables, and she liked having the new spot on campus.

"Well, I had been to OLILO," Coon said, "and I liked that. It just kind of seemed like the same thing, so I got that."

While Ever Grains focuses on health and wellness like OLILO, Ever Grains moves away from the Mediterranean style and offers various flavors and culinary styles. 

On the other hand, students like Laura Kathryn Rutledge, a junior elementary education major, said they were not excited about Ever Grains. Rutledge said she wished Dining Services chose another restaurant to take OLILO's place.

"I know we need more healthier options, but I'm just thinking more people would appreciate something like Zaxby's or Chicken Salad Chick, something like that," Rutledge said.

Dining Services typically sends feedback forms to students a couple times a year and adapts the food options based on the responses.

Since Ever Grains opened in the middle of the spring semester, dining services will not have a grand opening for the new restaurant. In the fall, there will be more promotions for the new spot, according to Dining Services.

Ever Grains is open Monday through Friday, and their hours are listed on MSU Dining Service's website.

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