This month, Starkville gained another pizza eatery with the arrival of the restaurant chain Marco’s Pizza.

As the company website explains, Marco's Pizza was founded in Oregon, OH, in 1978 by Pat Giammarco, who envisioned a company that valued precision.

The new Starkville location is owned by Mark and Angela Clegg with the assistance of their business partner, Katie Bostick.

Located on College View Drive, the pizzeria offers a menu that displays different pizza toppings, desserts, pastas and salads.

Bostick, the Starkville location’s director of operations, emphasized the importance of the exemplary quality of the food and how it made the brand stand out against competing chains.

“We make everything in here. This is a fresh, clean place to eat. Nothing comes prepackaged,” Bostick said.

Bostick explained how Marco’s was placed in Starkville.

“They (the Cleggs) own the two Baskin-Robbins in Tupelo, MS, and we were trying to see if we could get more Baskin Robbins up and running,” Bostick said. “We went to Oxford where there is a Marco's Pizza, and we all loved it.”

After enjoying a meal at the Oxford location, Bostick said the team decided to focus on growing the Marco’s Pizza brand.

“I was already kind of director of operations for Baskin-Robbins and a few other businesses that he has. I'm just basically doing the same thing with Marco's and trying to grow it,” Bostick explained.

As for what she is looking forward to, Bostick said it simply tied between the people and the food.

“We’ve been training the kids, and they're over here just laughing about throwing the pizzas because we make our own dough,” Bostick said with a chuckle.

Bostick said she hoped to please employees with a fun and friendly work environment.

“When they're over here, just laughing and having a great time, then I know that this is where I'm supposed to be and that I'm doing a good job basically being part of the owner,” Bostick said.

Bostick similarly felt hopeful about the customers and their experience with the location.

“I'm looking forward to having more people come in: more customers (who) come in thinking how great the product is, seeing how greatly managed this place is and how great a team that we have here at Starkville,” Bostick said. “I just want more people to come in and try us.”

She recommended the family-sized salads, cheese sticks and “P Mag” pizza for new customers.

As for what to try, Mark Clegg specifically recommended the Big Buffalo Chicken Pizza, his personal favorite.

Clegg, who is also the owner of Tupelo businesses Wise Staffing Group and various Baskin-Robbins locations, felt confident in the quality of the Marco’s brand and its placement in Starkville.

“What led us to Starkville is the community and the university. We felt that the Marco's brand would be a great addition to the Starkville community,” Clegg said.

Clegg said Starkville residents need to give Marco’s a try.

“It is the best piece of pizza in the industry, and we felt like we would be doing everyone a favor by bringing Marco’s to their doorsteps,” Clegg said.

Angela Clegg, wife of Mark Clegg and co-owner of the location, similarly enjoyed the chain’s pizza. She supports her husband and their partnership with Bostick within the Marco’s franchise.

“I play the warm and supportive role,” Angela Clegg said.

The Cleggs currently hold the Columbus, Starkville and Tupelo franchise rights.

“We're looking at central and south Mississippi in the next two or three years with the addition of three extra stores, and we're looking at potentially opening some in the Florida area,” Clegg said.

For more information about Marco’s Pizza and what it offers, visit or its location on 385 College View Drive South.

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