MSU senior runs handmade jewelry business

Senior Allie Virden, who is a human sciences major, sells various styles of homemade jewelry through multiple platforms. Her store's instagram is @evasjewels, and her Etsy account is Eva's Jewels Boutique. 

The MSU campus is full of people with ambition to do great things, from engineering to agriculture, however some students’ passions differ from their majors.

Allie Virden is a senior majoring in human sciences, but she has a passion for fashion.

With a creative mind and a love of all things fashionable, Virden has built her own company focused on selling jewelry. In this company, known as Eva’s Jewels, she sells earrings, necklaces, bracelets and chokers.

“Eva's is a jewelry company that Allie created a few years ago,” explained Sarah Baxter, a close friend of Virden’s. "She designs and creates the latest styles of jewelry, and showcases them at festivals and art shows."

Jessica Bullock, a close friend and supporter of the business, described the beginning of the business, saying it was an inspiring experience.

“When she decided to start her business, I was excited to see her (Virden) creations and be one of the first customers,” Bullock said. “She is very creative and brings a lot to her business through her love for fashion.”

Though she does not have any exclusive workers, running the store solely by herself, Virden does have friends willing to help out when she attends festivals to showcase her jewelry.

“I have helped Allie work some of her festivals and sales. I love the vibe of her shop and how fun it is to help work,” said Baxter, who explained her main role was at the register during some festivals.

Sioson also supports and helps Virden sell her jewelry.

“I’m a customer, and I help her,” Sioson said. “I’ve definitely bought jewelry from her, and I work with her at music festivals or art festivals here in Starkville.”

While Virden certainly has helpers who come to her aid, she puts as much effort as she can into this business.

“I make everything, I put everything on the website, I have to apply for different festivals, set-up, clean-up,” Virden said.

She also handles taxes and anything else it takes to further the company.

“Allie (Virden) has taken this company and made it her baby,” said Bullock. “She dedicates a lot of time, work and money to her products to ensure she is delivering the best items she can.”

Though there is a lot of hard work, Virden said she certainly enjoys running the company because she likes “keeping up with the trends.”

Her friends and customers confirm she does this well.

“I love Allie's necklaces and chokers, so those are my go-to pieces,” Baxter said. “They are such unique and fun styles that you can’t find anywhere else.”

Bullock said she feels the same, and her favorite pieces are the dainty chokers and trendy earrings.

“I love everything Allie (Virden) creates and love any chance I get to support my friend ... She does a great job offering items that are very in-style and brings her own flare to every piece,” Bullock said.

Not only do these students love Virden’s products, but they also love being able to keep themselves up to date on the social media for this company.

“I also love following @evasjewels on Instagram so I can see all the newest styles she has available,” said Bullock.

Virden’s main jewelry selling platform is Instagram, but customers can also visit her Etsy page, which is Eva’s Jewels Boutique.

One of her jewelry lines has trendy chokers and necklaces, ranging from $10 to $40. Virden’s second line is actually sold in a few stores in the Delta area, with prices ranging from $55 to $115.

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