Staff appointments for The Reflector newspaper have been announced by editor Boyd Gatlin and J. Larry Walters, business manager.


Serving as managing editor for the semi-weekly journal is Charles Walden, MSU 3, of Canton. Charles is an economics major getting his first taste of newspaper work. His duties are to see that the staff is properly organized for efficient work and to supervise the overall production and publication of the paper.


Assistant editor Sallie Ann Neblett is a returning staffer of several years’ experience. Sallie is a senior from Greenville and is liberal arts major. She served as editor of the Reveille yearbook last year, as society editor and columnist for The Reflector two years, and as editor of both the Bulldog and Miss State handbooks in 1964-65. As assistant editor she takes part in setting editorial policy, assists the editor in writing editorial comment and acts as & direct liaison between the editor and the rest of the staff. She is also responsible for training new staff members for newspaper work.


Jimmy Jordan, MSU 2, and Judy Latimer, MSU 4, are news editors for The Reflector this year. They are responsible for the news content of the paper and see that all news events are properly reported and written. Jimmy is a nuclear engineering major from Valden who has one semester's previous experience with The Reflector. Judy is a veteran reporter of three years’ experience. She hails from Meridian and is an English major.


Heading the features department is Rita Lyles, a Junior liberal arts major also from Meridian. Her duties are to pick subjects for feature stories, see that they are written and make editorial approval of feature material. Rita has had two years experience with The Reflector.


Copy editor Sandra Weems, MSU 3, of Jackson joins the staff for the first time this year. All material submitted for publication must pass her scrutiny. She is responsible for seeing that all copy is correct grammatically and that it conforms reasonably to journalistic standards. She has had previous newspaper experience professionally.


BU Hamlin is back as sports editor this year and heads a staff of six. Bill is a senior political science major from State College. He served as sports editor last year for The Reflector. Bill is in charge of the entire sports section of the paper and works almost independently of the rest of the staff.


Shooting pictures for The Reflector are Dennis Bouchard, Jackie Culp and Brad Howard. Brad and Dennis have both worked for the paper previously, but Jackie is a new recruit. Brad works exclusively with the sports department, while Dennis and Jackie shoot news and feature pictures.


Circulation manager is James Hitt, and Jim Walton and Billy Burnham sell the advertising.


Regular columnists for the year include Jon Hill, Terry Alford, Mickey Hawkins and Tom Fewel. Jon, a disc jockey at station WSSO will be sending the record reviews. Terry will pen a regular column on topics current in religion, and Mickey will assist the sports department with a column devoted to hunting and fishing. Tom Fewel will review the latest in books.


Bill Atkinson, MSU 5, will write political commentary for The Reflector this year.


Reporters and regular start writers are: Sylvua Carlson, Bill Anderson, Jan Stewart, Michael Mixner, Barry Gaston, Terry Moore, Nancy Goodwin, John L. Hunter, Margaret Weeks, Judi Allen, Hortense Truitt, Ric Golden, and James Sheffield.


In addition, James H. Lee, Bonnie Sue Bruton, Bonnie Bess Watson, Penny Patterson, Pam Parrot, Pick Noble and Milton Mixell will find their copy printed in The Reflector.

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