Many sorority women should feel much safer due to the recent lighting addition on Sorority Row. Assistant Director of the Physical Plant for Utilities John Beal said the project took about one year to complete form start to finish. Beal said the lights were turned on for the first time last Thursday.


Many Sorority Row residents have been concerned with the need for lighting for quite a while. Some residents say they do not feel safe outside of their houses after dark.


Stacey Dunaway, a junior majoring in child life, said, “I like to go walking around Sorority Row at night because it's cooler, but many times I have been afraid to go by myself because the road is not well lighted. Hopefully I will feel a little safer now.”


The lighting project was performed by Deas Engineering. Owner of Deas Engineering Happy Deas said the project was put under contract in early September.


Eleven lights costing $1,500 each were added to the Row. The cost of running the lights is approximately $2.50 per night for each light.


"The Campus Lighting Committee has a long list of areas that need additional light. They plan to get funds each year until they have completed all of the areas which need lighting," Deas said.


This particular lighting project included many other areas on campus. It began with lights behind Hamlin Hall. Additional lighting was then placed behind Rice Hall, in President's Circle and on Sorority Row. The final addition of lighting will be in front of the MSU Bakery.


"I'm really excited to see Sorority Row get more lighting. I believe it's needed all over campus to create a safer environment for the students here at State," Kathryn Booth, a junior majoring in communication, said.

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