The time to have your yearbook picture made for the “Reveille” is quickly coming to an end.


Photographers started taking pictures Monday and will continue through 5 p.m. Friday, September 29. The photographers are in the Student Media Center, which is located between the State Fountain and the University Florist.


“We have had a really good turnout so far,” “Reveille” Editor in Chief Lori Holloway said. “By Thursday afternoon we will have had about 250 people have their pictures made. While this is an improvement from this time last year, it is a sad number when you realize there are over 13,000 students enrolled here.


On the average, only about 3,000 students have their pictures made each year. A copy of the “Reveille” is included as part of each student's activities fee, and after the book is published in April, each student may come pick up a copy of the book. "Reveille” staff members said it is a shame that not everyone who will pick up a book at the end of the year will take the time to come and have a picture made now so he can be in the book.


Some students blame poor advertising as the reason they don't have their pictures made.


"There are signs in every building on campus," Holloway said.


Student London Linebarier said, "I saw it [advertised] in the newspaper."


Some students agreed that the best way for people to find out about pictures is by word-of-mouth.


One student said she thought it had been advertised less this year and that the signs in the Union are the best way for the word to get out about pictures.


“Reveille” Business Manager Ramsey Cumbest blames low picture attendance on the fact that some students mistakenly believe that coming to have their picture made will cost them money. This is not true, Cumbest said.


While the number of those having pictures made seems low, Southern State Images Photographer Tim Martin said, “This attendance is pretty typical for every college in every state. Everybody puts it off because it is not a high priority; and when they do decide they have enough time to have their picture made, the lines are so long that they don't stay. The only ones who end up in the book are the ones who come early in the week or those who stand in line on the last day," he added.


"Reveille" staff members encourage everyone to have his or her picture made early and to urge friends to have theirs made, too.

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