Fewer Mississippi State students will be viewing the latest blockbusters here in Starkville due to a decision made by Starkville Theaters.


Formerly, the theater offered student night, during which students were offered admission at the reduced price of $3 instead of $5 when a student ID was presented.


According to Allen Riekof, the new admission policy went into effect earlier this summer.


Riekof said the abolished student night does not mean Starkville Theaters will stop supporting Mississippi State students and activities. He added the theater still offers $3 matinees.


Many students on campus were upset at the theater's decision.


Amy Blankenship, a freshman, feels the Starkville Theater is not being fair with its decision. “The inside of the theater is so gross that it isn't even worth three dollars,” she said.


Evelyn Palmer, a junior fashion merchandising and marketing major, said, “With a city like Starkville being a college town, [the theater] should cater to the students. It's crazy!”


Jane Metcalfe, a freshman, added, “[Students] bring most of the money into the town. They should give back to us what we give to them.”


For now, it seems as though students will have to keep on paying the $5 charge. The Coke and popcorn, of course, are additional.


Freshman general business major Tracy Dexter summed up most students' opinion, “College students are broke anyway. They shouldn't take that away."

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