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"Us" hit the movie theaters March 22 and has left everyone who watches it asking questions. Produced and directed by Jordan Peele, "Us" has everyone talking.

If you are looking for a movie to challenge your mind and keep you guessing throughout the entire two hours, then this movie is for you. From plot twists to identical characters, "Us" is this year’s horror movie to be beat. 

The movie begins with a wall of bunnies in cages, which ends up foreshadowing a part later in the movie.

Adelaide Wilson, the main character, goes through a scarring event during her childhood in Santa Monica that later comes back to haunt her. The film then fasts forward to Adelaide, her husband and two kids visiting their summer house on a lake. The family meets up with friends at Santa Monica and sees something disturbing, which we later realize is relevant information. The family leaves Santa Monica and comes back to their vacation home, but what they did not know is their night was far from over.

A family is spotted in the driveway of their home, motionless. The mysterious people wear red suits and look strangely like Adelaide and her family. This is when the movie gets exciting. We are introduced to this strange family, who looks identical to the Wilsons, but something is off. This strange family is the evil counterparts of each member of Adelaide’s family.

Peele was bringing a very strong message to the big screen—we are our own worst enemy. Each scene has a deep meaning, and you will be unable to fully understand the movie by only watching it once. This is the type of movie you can watch over and over, and every time, you will notice something new or see something in a different light. 

Adelaide Wilson fights for her family’s safety throughout the entirety of the film, which makes her the heroin everyone is rooting for—or so we thought. We follow Adelaide throughout the movie, and even to the sewers, which is later revealed to be an empty underworld with rabbits being the only living thing left besides Adelaide and her counterpart.

An interesting cinematic choice was including shears as the only weapon in the show. The "tethered" were all equipped with shears to fight their person. Guns were not included in any fight scenes, which, I believe is another hidden meaning.

Adelaide finally beats her attacker, and the crowd cheers for her until the very last scene of the movie...but you will have to go see it to find out why. One of the final scenes in the film is all of the tethered beings shown holding hands for miles and miles, reaching into the abyss.

The Rotten Tomatoes score is 95 percent, which in my opinion is fitting. Peele went above and beyond with symbolism and hidden meaning throughout the movie. I highly recommend seeing this movie if you are interested in being challenged and on the edge of your seat for the entire film.

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Babara Reeser

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