Students are trick-or-treating themselves this Halloween

Kids from the Starkville area were invited to sorority and fraternity row on oct. 24, 2019 to get into the Halloween spirit by dressing up and going trick or treating.

Halloween 2019 calls for fewer tricks and more treats as Mississippi State University will host a brand-new event called Trick or Treat Yo Self. The event is filled with activities that are themed in the spirit of Halloween. Trick or Treat Yo Self will be held on the Drill Field on Oct. 31 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Trick or Treat Yo Self was created by two students, Kameron Jade Talley and Logan Reynolds, and it is sponsored by the Health Promotion and Wellness Department and the University Recreation Department.

Talley, a graduate student studying mental health counseling, said she and Reynolds, a graduate student under the University Recreation Department, co-created Trick or Treat Yo Self. She detailed the early beginnings of the event's formation. 

"At the beginning of the semester, all of the graduate assistants under Student Affairs got together. In particular, we met at the Sanderson Center with University Recreation graduate assistants as well as Health Promotion and Wellness graduate assistants. We got together, and part of our bonding was to create an event that both departments could partner together on, so Logan and I literally had five minutes to come up with an event. [Trick or Treat Yo Self] came up, and it wasn't like we had to implement the event, but we loved the idea so much for students that we did," Talley said. 

Talley added the event will provide emotional benefits for students at MSU. 

"The idea behind it is to provide students that little bit of an outlet to come and release some stress and anxiety that they're having from school and just have some fun," Talley said. 

Talley also listed a wide variety of the Halloween activities offered. 

"We're going to have a little bit of exercise, we have a spooky Zumba class at 12, we have free popcorn, we're going to have pumpkins for students to paint, we're going to have other games out there, so it's just going to be a really fun little event for students to have on Halloween since we're all still in school," Talley said.

Mary Kate Newman, a freshman majoring in biological sciences, expressed her excitement to participate in the Halloween-themed event. 

"It sounds really cool to actually celebrate Halloween in college with a bunch of new friends. These events help people create new friends and keep connecting with them," Newman said.

Senior psychology major Anastasia Madkins shared the same sentiments about the social aspect of the event as Newman. 

"I will invite my friends out to have a good time," Madkins said.

Madkins also sees value in these types of events MSU hosts for students. 

"Students always want to have fun, but some people don't have enough money. Since it's free, everybody can come out and have a great time," Madkins said.

Omari Johnson, a sophomore majoring in veterinary medicine is particularly interested in the pumpkin painting. 

"I'm definitely looking into painting your own pumpkin because I've never painted a pumpkin before," Johnson said.

Talley emphasizes the dual-nature of the event as both entertaining and useful. 

"It's going to be a way to socialize and meet new people and interact with different departments and students. It's also going to allow you to get resources," Talley said.

She holds high hopes for the event as not only a fun way to socialize but an informational takeaway for participants. 

"Even though it is Halloween, and we're all still having to take tests, turn in papers and go to class, my hope is that this provides students with that brief outlet for them to stop by even if it's for five minutes to grab some popcorn and socialize or play a game real fast. Or if they have more time, to be able to paint a pumpkin and to take that pumpkin home just as a stress reliever. We're going to have resources out there about stress management, resources for student counseling services, things that Health Promotion and Wellness provide. The hope is that students can leave with a little bit less stress than when they first began," Talley said.

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