Student Spotlight: Ffion Price

Ffion Price, an MSU PhD student in exercise physiology with a concentration on supplementation and performance, prepares for her day of work in the basement of the Longest Student Health Center.

Born in Llandrindod Wells, Wales, 24-year-old Ffion Price stands out among Mississippi State University students.

Having received her undergraduate degree in sports biomedicine and nutrition at Cardiff Metropolitan and master’s degree in kinesiology from MSU in 2017, Price is currently in her fourth semester as a PhD in exercise physiology, with a concentration on supplementation and performance at MSU.

Price is the daughter of Yvette and Derek Price, both of whom are Welsh citizens. Her siblings include Carwyn and Rhianwedd, the latter earned an MSU master’s degree in animal and dairy science.

As an active member of MSU's track and cross country department, Price's athletic achievements are phenomenal. Her impressive placement and wins in multiple relays allowed her to run in several SEC championships.

Price chose to attend MSU because of her twin sister, and the relationship with her coaching staff. Following the track scholarship to gain her masters, advisers convinced her to stay for a PhD.

Price also video chats her family, and occasionally feels homesick since it is a 24-hour flight back to her hometown. While America presented a learning curve, Price said she has adjusted to her life in Starkville fairly well.

Driving on the opposite road took time to get accustomed to, as well as the food. While she is a fan of southern cuisine, she laments the sugar content in basic foods, including bread and snacks.

Outside of her studies, Price also works as a graduate assistant within the department of health promotion and wellness.

Juleigh Baker, the health and wellness educator for university health services, considers Price to be an incredibly charming person.

"She is a really happy person," Baker said. "It’s been great getting to know her and learning about her cultural differences from Wales. She’s become part of the family."  

Price is currently doing research on menstrual effect toward athletic performance. When questioned about the transition into her doctoral work, her response was enigmatic, but extremely energetic.

"It was intense at first, but prioritizing helped me become far more organized," said Price, smiling.

Kim Kavalsky, MSU coordinator of mental health outreach, described Price as a genuine beacon of joy.

"She is a delightful person to be around," Kavalsky said. "She has a loosely relaxed personality, and her laughter is contagious."

Upon completing her PhD, she wishes to travel back to the United Kingdom and become a university lecturer, and work with athletes for further research. Her dream is to work with Welsh athletes to assess their physiology and help them develop their performance.

She also plans on becoming a professional runner herself, which her exceptional MSU performance surely will help. Her favorite event is the pink dog walk, and she currently acts as an assistant coach to athletes.

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