Best spots to nap at MSU

Many gather in fellowship to worship at the Chapel of Memories; however, this is also a hotspot for students to nap in between classes. 

While Starkville may be decked out in Christmas decor and resemble the set of a Hallmark movie to the average person, it seems like a prison to those with blinders on that read, “Final exams ahead. Proceed with caution.” In this limbo between wrapping up class assignments, tests and actual exams, sleep suddenly becomes the most treasured but rare commodity.

Due to extreme time restraints, sometimes, sleeping in one’s bed is not always the most effective option for those who want to make every minute count. So, in anticipation of this conundrum, I have taken it upon myself to test out some of the best napping spots on Mississippi State University's campus so students' precious napping time is not spent in vain.

First, I nestled up in The Chapel of Memories. This is a famous napping spot, and even has its own instagram account, @chapelsleepers, dedicated to capturing nappers in action.

I found the pews to be very comfortable, and the atmosphere to be relaxing. If you are not frightened by the occasional piano player strolling in or the risk of being exploited on social media while in your state of unconsciousness, this is the spot for you. I may or may not have been featured on the account, but considering how nap-friendly the place was, I give it a 9 out of 10.

Second, I tested out The Mitchell Memorial Library couches. Disclaimer: if you are a self-conscious napper, this is not the place for you.

A couch is the perfect napping spot, since it is comfortable enough to fall asleep on, but not so comfortable that you run the risk of oversleeping. You may get some dirty looks for taking up an entire couch, especially for purposes other than studying, but if you are asleep, you cannot see them anyways. I give this spot a 7 out of 10.

Third, I tried another spot in the library: in between aisles of books. This is a less comfortable, but more private alternative to the library couches. My backpack transformed into a pillow as I fell asleep surrounded by MSU’s literature collection. I awoke with a slightly sore neck, but a newfound motivation to finish my reading assignments. I give this creative solution a respectable 6 out of 10.

Fourth, I ventured into the lobby area in Allen Hall. Walking into Allen Hall transforms many students into sleepwalkers to begin with, so I felt much more comfortable curling up on a bench than I thought I would. The long line of people waiting their turn in the math lab gave me understanding nods as I pulled my jacket over myself like a blanket.

The sense of camaraderie between students made for a judgement-free napping venue, and the benches were decently comfortable. However, there was a draft, so come prepared with a blanket of some sort if you have a cold-natured disposition. I give Allen Hall’s lobby a 7 out of 10.

Finally, I decided to test out the Dawg House in the Colvard Student Union. It felt disconnected from the hustle and bustle overtaking the rest of the Union in the best way.

While some of the noise level did creep into the room, the dark lights and comfortable chairs provided a great napping atmosphere. If you come with headphones or earplugs of some kind, I cannot see why you could not squeeze in a power nap, despite the surrounding chaos. I give the Dawg House an 8 out of 10.

A spot to nap at MSU is not hard to find. Some places may be more comfortable or private than other locations, but in the end, sleep is sleep. Whether on a bench, on the floor or in the chapel, there is a perfect napping location for every MSU student.

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