The infamous, conniving and cruel killer Ted Bundy left America in a state of fear long after his death.

Bundy was known as the guy you would want your daughter to marry, and the Netflix documentary series "Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes" depicted just that.

If you are interested in serial killers, or murders in general, this docuseries is for you. From witness accounts, defense interviews and even recordings of the killer, this series will entice you to binge it in one sitting. With the four episodes each being over an hour, this series is beyond easy to get through.

The first episode gives a glimpse into Bundy’s humble beginnings. Coming from a lower-middle class in Washington, Bundy’s life and lies began. Bundy was unsatisfied with his humble beginnings, so he worked tirelessly to make his appearance match his wealthy neighbors.

Learning how to charm women and appear smarter than he is, Bundy found himself pursuing a law degree. The docuseries gives us a glimpse into Bundy’s twisted mind through chilling audio where he talked about how he wanted to appear. It is baffling how he literally hid in plain sight, and no one suspected a thing.

The second episode is where viewers are introduced to the killings, and how sick Bundy actually was. For those interested in true crimes that have already looked into Bundy and his infamous murders, this docuseries will not provide any new information.

However, for those genuinely intrigued by this serial killer, the series will still prove fascinating. Something I did not already know is the journalist decided to trick Bundy into admitting his murders by getting Bundy to talk about the cases in the third person, which is an interesting strategy.

The third episode is where Bundy starts to push the envelope. Bundy was a charmer and too smart for his own good. He used his wit and intelligence to continuously escape the grasp of the judicial system.

The Netflix documentary series provides a glimpse into what length Bundy was willing to go to escape jail time and continue to commit heinous crimes. Multiple sides of the story from people who interacted with Bundy daily are intermingled during the docuseries, which details real accounts of who Bundy actually was.

The finale of the documentary series is also the end of Bundy’s infamous journey. Once he was found guilty and sentenced to the death penalty, the entire country celebrated together.

"Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes" is just that, a conversation with a killer. This docuseries gives us a unique twist to true crime tellings because viewers actually get to hear the voice of the murderer, which is chilling.

This is a series I recommend to not only the true crime fanatic, but also to someone who just has a free day and wants to be enthralled.

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