Fashion Board presents annual Trashion show

Models strut across the runway, each striking their best pose for the camera. The crowd claps and beams at every outfit. The audience is enamored by the clothing—except the models are actually not wearing traditional clothing at all. They are wearing trash.

Mississippi’s State University Fashion Board is preparing for their annual "Trashion Show" on 7 p.m. Nov. 28 at the George M. Bryan airport. With approximately four annual fashion shows, this admission-free event has proven to be a crowd-favorite.

A collaboration between Fashion Board and students from the fashion design and merchandise department, the upcoming show is an explosion of live creative talent. Student designers choose a model they would like to wear their work, and tailor an outfit specifically for the model’s body. 

Kristina Zouboukos, a junior kinesiology major and vice president of models, said this was her favorite part about the show.

“That is the coolest part about the outfits," Zouboukos said. "Each one is so unique, there is no other outfit exactly like it, and it is made specifically for the model.”

There are 16 designers this year, and nothing is off-limits when it comes to the materials for the outfit. Sonic peppermint wrappers, playing cards, coil wire and magazines have found their way to the runway in recent years.

One very memorable dress was even made of glass. EK Armond, the president of Fashion Board and junior design and fashion merchandise major, said she loves seeing the creative outfits students design. Some of her favorite creations include a dress made of old vinyls and an ombré tissue paper dress.

Creativity is not limited to the clothes, though. Set design plays an important role in the experience, and this year, the Trashion show will be hosted at a local George M. Bryan airport hanger.

Zouboukos said she is excited for the venue, and said the setting will be conducive.

"It is going to be awesome, because (it's) really big and open," Zouboukos said. "It will allow more people to come to the show, because we know it is a favorite."

Armond said the venue will provide the atmosphere the show is aiming to induce.

"We were looking for somewhere modern and that showed the aspect of making clothing out of recycled pieces, and we think the hanger will do that really well," Armond said.

The show requires a lot of collaboration, as models, backstage management, fashion designers, graphic designers, set designers, hair and makeup teams and photographers come together to make the show come to life.

Zouboukos said the backstage chaos and collaboration is her favorite part about Fashion Board.

"I love seeing all the different people come together," Zouboukos said. "We all have different gifts and parts to play, and it’s really amazing to see it all come together."

Having served the campus for 68 years, Fashion Board is one of MSU’s oldest student-run organizations. With approximately 300 members, the diverse organization is not restricted to only fashion shows, the members can be found modeling in downtown boutiques, modeling for local photographers and collaborating for sets and outfits their magazine, "Etré."

Though the organization usually puts out an issue each semester, this year, one large issue of the magazine will be published at the end of the year and given out at the last fashion show. 

Zouboukos and Armond encourage everyone in the community to come out to the Trashion show.

"The show is free, and the vibes are so much fun. It’s honestly just really fun just to see so much creativity in one place," Armond said. "We all get really creative ideas when we are together, and you can really see that in our shows." 

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