MSU campus ministries unite to share their faith

Mississippi State University students worship at an interfaith event featuring Louis Giglio last Thursday.

As a part Nights of Worship hosted by the Baptist Student Union, Catholic Campus Ministries, Cru Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Reformed University Fellowship and Young Life, pastor Louie Giglio and the Christian-band, Passion, held a free worship event at the Humphrey Coliseum Sept. 6.

Despite the denominational differences between each ministry on campus, the organizations set asides their differences in order to successfully serve the greater good to host this event.

The coliseum was packed with over 5,000 Mississippi State University students, faculty and Starkville residents ready to worship in unison and celebrate their Christian faith.

Bobby D’Alessandro, director of communications at First Baptist Church of Starkville, said he was excited for influential leaders in the Christian community to come share their faith with the campus and community.

"It is not everyday we get to experience this type of worship or influential of speakers, and hopefully, we will see a break out of the status quo," D’Alessandro said. "That this would not be a temporary union of the campus ministries, but it would spur people to discipleship and worship."

The lights dimmed, the crowd quieted, fog filled the room and Passion took the stage. With a roar, the night started as Kristian Stanfill, leader singer for Passion, lead the audience in worship. The singing continued for approximately an hour before Giglio began to speak. 

When Giglio took the stage, he captivated the audience with his biblical teaching, as he professed the divinity of Christ and the importance of His role in individual’s lives. Giglio spoke to spread love, not of judgment or shame.

After his sermon was over, Giglio said he was touched by the communal efforts of the different denominations, and loved watching the Christian church work together for God’s purpose.

"I am encouraged by the power of the Church collectively putting trust in Him," Giglio said. "Starkville united tonight, for Jesus."

Giglio said he hopes this sense of community will continue throughout the year, and he foresees a widespread revival on campus if people will focus on the common goal of spreading God’s message.

"Each ministry has a role for encouraging others and coming together, is so powerful together, that Mississippi State University could have revival here because of this event, if there is follow up," Giglio said.

Many MSU students volunteered for the event and worked diligently to see everything ran smoothly.

Tyler Hall, MSU student, had the opportunity to assist with the event and was excited to share his compassion and faith with others. Hall said he was thrilled to see the different denominations of campus ministries collaborate for one event.

Not only did MSU students volunteer, but there was active participation from MSU staff and Starkville community members.

Lori Ball, MSU director of scholarships and admissions, said she was glad to give her time to such an important cause and to show the love of God to everyone she came in contact with.

"It is our duty as Christians to spread the Gospel and give our time with a servant heart," Ball said. "By holding the door, greeting people with a warm smile on our faces, goes a really long way to welcome to an event like this."

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