The Tim McGraw concert brought a huge crowd to Mississippi State University's campus this past weekend.


About 5,300 people attended the concert in Humphrey Coliseum Friday night, according to Beth Waltrip, assistant director of Colvard Student Union and Campus Activities Board adviser.


Many students found this to be one of the most enjoyable concerts they had been to in a long time.


Shea Bourland, a senior majoring in professional golf management and also a member of the lighting crew, said, “The energy Tim McGraw produced because of his performance was absolutely mesmerizing. This was one of the greatest experiences in my life. I am once again proud to be a Mississippi State student."


"I think Tim McGraw is an excellent performer. When Tim McGraw came on stage with Russell Walter's jersey on, it shook the Hump," Mike Hill, a senior majoring in professional golf management, said.


“When he played 'Indian Outlaw' it brought the crowd to its feet, and the song stuck with me all weekend long," Chris Fulton, a senior majoring in turf grass management, said.


Fulton added, “The show was fabulous, but the drink I mixed before the concert made it a more enjoyable show.”


“4 Runner was the least exciting of the trio, Blackhawk was the most energetic and Tim McGraw was just a crowd pleaser. I really enjoyed 'Don't Take The Girl' because the crowds' response was incredible,” Garland Cary, a senior majoring in graphic design, said.


“We were glad everybody had a good time. We hope they will support our spring program,” Waltrip said.


Music Makers received 50 cents off every ticket sold, which added up to be about $4,000, she said. The money raised will go to concerts planned for the spring semester. Waltrip said nothing is exact but there are plans for several concerts.

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