It is that time of year. Time for the giant stuffed animals responsible for taking up space and never be used because we are adults, ridiculous jewelry, billions of flowers and other romantic gestures to be bought and never looked at again.

It is time for proposals because guys feel the need to step it up. It is time for expensive dinners to be made or bought.

It is time for Valentine’s Day.

Now, I can imagine you reading this and thinking, “She’s such a lonely, depressing cynic, who has never been in love.”

You are quite wrong. I freaking love being pampered for no apparent reason other than society dictates my lovely man gets me shiny things.

I do not know why it happens, but it means my darling gets me chocolate-covered strawberries and pretty bobbles to decorate myself in.

To make it up to my Casey that society will not let him get a day where I pamper him and give him nice things for no apparent reason, I will make him a delicious meal.

I love Italian food because it is easy, filling, delicious and cheap to make. I recommend making spaghetti carbonara.

I like to get some veggies in during dinner, since lunch and breakfast are essentially glorified snacks for me. Veggies marinated in balsamic glaze go great with the pasta.

If you are making a dinner for Valentine’s Day, you will need a dessert. I’m a firm believer that making someone a cake tells them how much you love them. Think about it, every important birthday or get together you have ever had or been to has had a cake. From the cake at a wedding, to the cake at our 90th birthday party, it matters. Finish the night off right with a delicious sugary treat.

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