The X Ambassadors rocked Starkville

Lead singer Sam Harris of X Ambassadors plays his saxophone while performing on Feb. 22 at the Mississippi Horse Park. MSU’s Music Maker Productions hosted the concert for students and community members. X Ambassadors are commonly known for their double-platinum single “Unsteady.”

The X Ambassadors came to the Mississippi State University’s Horse Park last Friday night thanks to Music Makers Productions. The DLX, a band based in Hattiesburg opened and got the crowd pumped, ready for the main act.

Shawn Chambliss, a University of Southern Mississippi graduate, rocked the stage Friday with his band known as The DLX. Covers and original songs were included on the band’s set list, which allowed the crowd to be involved in the show because the majority of people there did not know The DLX songs.

The lead singer was very energetic and talented. The band also debuted their new single "Always," which was the typical “breakup song,” but was still catchy enough to have the crowd wanting more. The best way to describe this band: feel good music you listen to on a weekend.

The DLX did not have a large following in Starkville, but that is bound to change after their stellar performance. What made them unique is the band is very crowd inclusive. Their goal is to get the crowd involved as much as possible in order for everyone to enjoy their experience.

Natalie Allen, an MSU junior interior design major, said she was excited to support the music scene in Starkville.

"We do not have a large music scene in Starkville, so when a band as big as the X Ambassadors comes into town, I think it is important to support so more bands will come," Allen said.

Allen said she was not a fan of the X Ambassadors, but still enjoyed her time at the concert.

Finally, the X Ambassadors took control of the stage, crowd and venue automatically. The lead singer’s stage presence is like no other, and automatically grabbed attention.

Sam Harris, the lead singer, is in a league of his own. Engaging the audience, playing multiple instruments, outfit changes and even getting down in the crowd, Harris gained the hearts of everyone in attendance

Kaitlynn Harness, an MSU senior interior design major, has been a fan for four years. She said she enjoyed them when they opened at Bulldog Bash a few years ago and was excited for them to have their own concert.

Since performing at Bulldog Bash, the X Ambassadors have grown significantly and will continue to do so. From an entertaining stage presence to catchy songs, the X Ambassadors know how to put on a good show that will leave their audience wanting more.

Overall, the concert was great. From a feel-good band from small-town Mississippi to a chart-topper rock band, the Friday night show was a major hit.

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