Bulldog Bash, the largest outdoor concert in Mississippi, took over Starkville last Friday.

Starting at 3 p.m., the Maroon Market flooded the streets of downtown Starkville with local, Mississippi-based booths. From food to clothing and even apartment buildings, the Maroon Market had it all. With the weather being overcast, the outdoor market was enjoyable.

The main stage was opened with Ole Miss student Bedon, the winner of Battle of the Bands. His alternative style and strong stage presence got everyone ready for the night of great music. 

Ric Wilson, a Chicago native and talented rapper, was next on the lineup. I had never heard of him before, so I did not know what to expect from him. Instantly, Wilson had the crowd eating out of the palms of his hands. His full set of original songs got the crowd up on their feet and dancing. He even got down in the crowd and danced with everyone, which made everyone hyped and hooked. His set was fun and upbeat, and surprised everyone there. Wilson definitely gained some Mississippi fans after his performance.

Elle Turpin, a Mississippi State University sophomore, said she felt the music and vibes.

"I am excited and pumped for a fun night full of good jams and great friends, which will make great memories to last a lifetime," Turpin said.

The Mowgli’s were next to take the main stage at Bulldog Bash. This band also put on a great show with awesome crowd interaction. They had a great stage presence, and if you did not know their songs beforehand, you left with them stuck in your head. This original set was heart warming, and the entire audience sang along and had a great time.

The night ended with a bang as The All-American Rejects commanded the stage the second they walked on it. I did not know what to expect from their set because they have not made music in a while, but I was pleasantly surprised. A strong opening song "Swing Swing" immediately sent everyone back to their middle school glory days.

Kaitlyn Serwack, an MSU senior, said she was excited for The All-American Rejects.

"I have loved coming to Bulldog Bash throughout my time at Mississippi State, and I am so glad I got to see The Rejects perform. This is kind of like my last hoorah of the football season," Serwack said.

I was skeptical of the band choice due to them being such a throwback, but once I saw them perform, I was immediately thankful that they were the chosen performers.

Walker Jarrell, an MSU student and fan of The All-American Rejects, said he was excited to see one of his all-time favorite bands live and for free.

"I love The All-American Rejects and have been listening to them for years, so I am glad I got to see them and have a good time with my friends," Jarrell said.

The All-American Rejects ended their set with a bang. "Gives You Hell" is a Rejects' classic, and everyone in the crowd sang along. This was the cherry on top of Bulldog Bash for me and everyone else, because I got to relive my childhood while also having a great time with my friends. 

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