New Starkville bakery's "Proof" is in their product

Proof’s menu changes daily, and this strawberry-chocolate croissant and tea biscuit were available this past Thursday.

There is nothing quite like a freshly baked loaf of bread, though most people do not have the skills or patience to execute such a fantastical edible feat—or should I say feast?

Starkville’s new edition, Proof, is filling all the gaps in Starkville residences’ stomachs and souls, and the proof is in the experience. 

When I heard downtown Starkville just landed a new bakery, I could not have been more ecstatic to try it out. Of course, I immediately hunted down the store’s Instagram account and was flabbergasted by the beautiful creations made from just a little flour, yeast and water. 

However, Instagram is hardly reality, and great looks do not always mean great taste. So, I had to test the pastries for myself.

The bread and pastry store is nestled in the roundabout on Main Street, right across the way from the courthouse. The street view of the store is picturesque, and the inside is consistent with this theme. Wooden tables and countertops, a chalkboard menu and potted indoor plants contribute to natural and airy space. 

All of this centers around the place where the magic takes place—the kitchen, which is open, unrestricted by a wall, to the customer’s eye. The bakers can be seen hard at work, leaving no secrets in the intimate process of baking. They can be seen kneading dough, measuring ingredients and pulling newly-baked loaves out of the oven, which fills the entire room with the smell of toasted oats.

At the counter, there were a variety of options ranging from finer pastries like pineapple-orange curd croissants to more simple options like plain bagels. All the items feature non-traditional ingredients such as cookies with coffee grounds and bagels with apple and gouda cheese. Additionally, regular baguettes and bread knots are also available for purchase.

I decided to try the strawberry-chocolate croissant for breakfast and grabbed a parmesan bagel for lunch.

The croissant was nothing far from glorious. It was beautiful and perfectly flaky, with a rich dark chocolate filling. The absence of preservatives allowed the flavors to be tasted fully. Unlike many pastries, it was not loaded with sugar, but it was just sweet enough to pair perfectly with my morning coffee.

The parmesan bagel was loaded with plenty of hearty cheese, and they even cut it for me when I purchased it.

Bagels are cheap, and pastries prices are very fair, considering the labor and quality ingredients they contain. Umble coffee, a locally-roasted coffee brand, can also be purchased to pair with your baked goods.

The menu at this local establishment is changing daily, but I have confidence that there will be very few disappointing purchases made, not to mention plenty of aesthetic social media posts will result from this new downtown business.

As for Proof, it’s a must-try, and I strongly believe their business will become a Starkville staple. 

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