Two Brothers Smoked Meats, a local restaurant on Rue Du Grande Formage in the Cotton District, will begin construction soon for a new location in the Cotton District across the street from Bin 612.

The restaurant recently got approval to tear down an old house in the Cotton District, and will design a new building for the restaurant in its place.

Barton Dinkins, owner of Two Brothers Smoked Meats, wants to continue their untraditional bar-b-que restaurant atmosphere at their new location, and hope to include more families in their customer demographic.

Dinkins, a Mississippi State University business school graduate, opened up Two Brothers Smoked Meats in August of 2014, and hopes the new location will be ready by January 2019. Dinkins said the new location will allow the restaurant to expand their current menu, serving more customers.

“The kitchen will be much larger in the new location and, therefore, we can make more up-scale items that go along the smoked-meats theme like smoked ribs, beef and brisket,” Dinkins said. 

Sims Koerber, kitchen manager at Two Brothers Smoked Meats, said he hopes the new location will expand their customer demographic from mainly college students, to college students and families.

“We hope to target young, local professionals for the lunchtime crowd, and then have the more college student crowd at night,” Koerber said.

The new location layout will help facilitate this new customer demographic. The first floor will be the family-friendly main restaurant area, and the second floor will be the bar area which will attract mostly college students.

“Depending on the day, our main customers are mainly college students that come into the bar in the evenings. But we want the new location to give us a space where both families and college students can feel comfortable and can have a great time,” Koerber said.

Koerber has been the manager of the kitchen at Two Brothers Smoked Meats for two years, and said he has had a very positive experience working at the local restaurant because it provides him opportunities to experiment and be creative.

“I enjoy the freedom of not being tied down because we are not a traditional bar-b-que restaurant,” Koerber said. "We can experiment with different cuisine."

Blake Graves has been in Starkville for seven years, and graduated from MSU as a landscape contracting and management major. Graves said he thinks Two Brothers Smoked Meats is one of the best bars in Starkville, and is looking forward to their new location.

“I’ve been in Starkville for seven years, and Two Brothers is one of my favorite bars and one of my favorite restaurants in the area,” Graves said. “Hearing about them expanding is exciting and perfect for their place because of how much they’ve grown since they’ve opened.”

This new, bigger location will also give visiting families a local, a more up-scale place to eat.

“My family and I try to come into town whenever there is a major sporting event or festival going on. It will be nice to have another local restaurant and bar to go to when we are all in town together,” Graves said.

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